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    Browse the latest hot trading tools that have just been published for the cTrader trading platform to help you trade more effectively. 

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    cTrader Telegram Message Example cBot

    Telegram NET 6 Example cBot Code

    This cTrader cBot contains example source code demonstrating how to easily send Telegram alerts from your cBots or indicators with a few lines of code written in Microsoft C# which can be used for status updates or trade signals. The example is suitable for beginner coders looking at adding new features to their systems.

    * This product is for educational purposes only *
    cTrader Algo cBot Strategy Builder

    Algo Strategy Builder

    The cTrader Algorithmic Strategy Builder is a powerful tool for traders to create, test, and execute customised strategies based on technical analysis, trade rules and risk management. The tool also has a feature to automatically create Microsoft C# source code for the strategy that was built and import it into cTrader to build cBots and make modifications. It can also be used to send trade signals for manual trading. No coding experience required.
    cTrader Free cBot Algo Builder

    Algo Strategy Builder (beta)

    Create hundreds of cTrader Algorithmic Trading Strategies with no coding experience, this free beta version provides a combination of all the moving averages. The Algo Strategy Builder is a powerful tool for traders to create, test, and execute customised algorithmic trading strategies based on technical analysis using all the major moving averages. It can also be used to send trade signals for manual trading.
    cTrader ATR Fibonacci Signal Indicator

    ATR Fibonacci Signal Master

    This FREE cTrader Average True Range (ATR) & Fibonacci indicator is a very powerful tool to determine when to buy and when to sell as well as when to close the trades in profit. The combination of two of the most powerful formulas used by trades will greatly help your existing strategies and styles.
    cTrader Fibonacci Channels Indicator

    Auto Fibonacci Channels

    This cTrader Auto Fibonacci Channel indicator is used to identify trends in price action and attempt to predict probable areas of price rejection. A dominant trend line will be drawn and a second, parallel line will be placed either above or below to form a channel, containing price action.
    cTrader Anchored VWAP

    cTrader Anchored VWAP

    The cTrader Anchored VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) indicator assesses the average price at which a symbol has traded over a specific period of time, this is defined by the user dragging a vertical line on the chart to anchor the start of the calculation. The indicator is calculated by adding up the products of the price and volume for each trading period and then dividing by the total trading volume over that period.
    cTrader Breakout Channel Indicator

    cTrader Breakout Channel

    Introducing the Channel Breakout indicator for cTrader - a powerful trading tool that offers simplicity and robustness, the Channel Breakout indicator has become a favourite among seasoned traders. Just like the Moving Average Breakout method, it aims to capture the early trends in the market, offering you the opportunity to seize profitable trades.
    cTrader Fibonacci Bollinger Bands

    cTrader Fibonacci Bollinger Bands

    The cTrader Fibonacci Bollinger Bands indicator shares similarities with the original Bollinger Bands, created by John Bollinger. Instead of relying on Standard Deviation, the Fibonacci Bands employ Wilders Smoothed ATR (Average True Range) to construct upper and lower bands around the stock's volatility. This modification allows the indicator to retain the fundamental principles of Bollinger Bands while offering a different approach to assessing price movements.
    cTrader AI Machine Learning Indicator

    cTrader K-Means ML Indicator

    Discover trading excellence with our advanced cTrader indicator, powered by machine learning, a true revolution in financial market analysis! This algorithm, more than just a complement, is a key tool for gaining a significant advantage in trading.
    cTrader LSMA Indicator

    cTrader Least Square Moving Average (LSMA)

    The least-square moving average (LSMA) indicator shows the possible future trends by calculating the least-squares regression line for the preceding time periods, it is also one of the best among moving averages as it has the ability to predict tops and bottoms if you use LSMA of highs and lows channel. A bonus feature of Telegram Alerts.
    cTrader Machine Learning Indicator

    cTrader ML k-NN J.Welles Wilder Indicator

    Try the ML k-NN J. Welles Wilder cTrader Indicator, a masterpiece blending next-generation machine learning with the time-honoured techniques of a trading legend. These machine-learning indicators will evolve to improve accuracy, but currently, they are an attempt to use the latest technology with existing tried and tested formulas. As with all indicators, use together with your existing strategy
    cTrader Prior Day Close Indicator

    cTrader Prior Day Close

    The cTrader Prior Day Close Indicator is a sophisticated tool designed to provide traders and investors with crucial insights into market trends and potential price movements. It's not just another data point – it's your key to staying ahead of the curve.
    cTrader TPO Profile Indicator

    cTrader Time Price Opportunity (TPO)

    The Time Price Opportunity indicator more commonly known as TPO, is a tool used in market analysis, specifically in the field of auction market theory. It is commonly associated with the analysis of market profile charts. The TPO indicator is often used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools to analyze market behavior, identify key levels, and make trading decisions
    cTrader Trading Assistant

    cTrader Trade Assistant

    The cTrader Trading Assistant cBot is a strategy agnostic. It assists you in trading and timing your trades. Its purpose is to analyse and place trades on a trend line/channel that you define. The user is in charge of the strategy, the bot helps the user to time his/her trade efficiently.
    cTrader Discord Trade Notifications

    Discord Trade Notificationss

    Elevate Your Trading Game with Real-Time Discord Notifications!
    Are you tired of constantly monitoring your cTrader trading platform for updates? Do you wish you could get instant notifications for your trades, right where you spend most of your time—on Discord? Look no further! Introducing the Discord cBot Notification Indicator, a cutting-edge tool designed to streamline your trading experience.
    Free Financial Analytical Tools

    Financial Analytical Tools

    The Free Financial Analytical Application for Windows provides the best TradingView widgets displayed on your screen for market analysis, it includes a powerful Advanced Real-Time Chart for trade setups, a Forex and Crypto Market Screener, Economic Calendar, Technical Analysis for major Forex pairs, HeatMap and a CrossRate screen. Also included is quick access to Position size & Risk of Ruin Calculators.
    cTrader Fractal Graph Dimension Indicator

    Fractal Graph Dimension (FGD)

    The Fractal Graph Dimension (FGD) Indicator for cTrader offers significant benefits, chiefly automating chart analysis and generating signals based on this analysis & this automation empowers traders to make well-informed decisions by plotting a graph. The FGD Indicator visually presents the currency pair's price movements and the corresponding fractals within that specific timeframe providing a comprehensive view to better understand the market dynamics at any particular moment.
    cTrader On Balance Volume cBot

    On Balance Volume (OBV) cBot

    This basic starter kit for algo developers uses an open-source cTrader On Balance Volume (OBV) indicator, this is a popular technical analysis tool used by traders to analyze the flow of volume in relation to price movements. This strategy also includes a simple moving average as a confirmation for trade entries and exits.

    *This product is for educational purposes only *
    cTrader Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator

    Polarized Fractal Efficiency Indicator

    The cTrader Polarized Fractal Efficiency indicator is used in trading and technical analysis to measure the efficiency of price movement in a financial market by identifying trends and assessing the strength and sustainability of those trends. It achieves this by contrasting the straight-line distance separating these points with the actual distance that the price covered during that period.
    cTrader Schaff Trend Cycle

    Schaff Trend Cycle

    The cTrader Schaff Trend Cycle (STC) indicator is a technical analysis tool that traders use to identify trends and potential reversal points in financial markets. It combines Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) elements and the stochastic oscillator to provide more accurate and responsive signals for identifying trends and overbought/oversold conditions.
    cTrader Stochastic Oscillator cBot

    Stochastic Oscillator cBot

    This basic starter kit for algo developers uses an open-source cTrader Stochastic Oscillator indicator which is a popular technical analysis indicator used in financial markets to assess the momentum and potential reversal points of an asset's price. This cBot will automatically open, close and manage trades based on the values of the SO indicator.

    *This product is for educational purposes only *
    cTrader Supertrend cBot

    SuperTrend cBot

    This basic starter kit for algo developers uses an open-source cTrader SuperTrend indicator, this is a popular technical analysis tool used by traders and investors to identify the direction of a trend and also the potential entry & exit points for your trades in the financial markets.

    *This product is for educational purposes only *
    cTrader Trailing Stop Loss cBot

    Trailing Stop Loss Example cBot

    This basic starter kit for algo developers demonstrates how to implement a Trailing Stop Loss (TSL) into their existing cBot to automatically lock in profits. A trailing stop-loss is a type of stop-loss order used in trading and investing to protect profits and limit potential losses

    *This product is for educational purposes only *
    cTrader Accumulative Swing Index cBot

    Accumulative Swing Index (ASI) cBot

    This basic starter kit for algo developers uses an open-source cTrader Accumulative Swing Index (ASI) indicator to automatically open and close trades. The ASI is a technical analysis indicator used primarily to evaluate the long-term trend and to assess the strength of a trend in financial markets.

    *This product is for educational purposes only *
    cTrader Aroon cBot

    Aroon cBot

    This basic starter kit for algo developers uses an open-source cTrader Aroon indicator to automatically open and close trades. The Aroon indicator is a technical analysis tool used to assess the strength and direction of a trend in a financial market. This trading strategy works by looking for crossovers between the Aroon-Up and Aroon-Down lines

    *This product is for educational purposes only *
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