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    NinjaTrader Add-Ons

    We do not have many NinjaTrader 8 indicators and Add-Ons, but what we do have are very useful and also very popular amongst future traders, our risk management tool is ground-breaking.

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    NinjaTrader Risk Management Software (AddOn)

    NinjaTrader Risk Management Assistant

    The NinjaTrader Risk Manager is a personal trading assistant for your PC that will carry out any number of automated actions such as account and trade activity alarms and account lock-outs. It will also inform you when your account is at risk and even close positions automatically to protect you against financial loss. Option included for pips or ticks with futures trading + Configurable settings for each workspace.
    NinjaTrader Price Lines

    Ninjatrader Price Line

    You may notice when you first open NinjaTrader 8 that the price line is missing, the price line is not a standard feature of the platform. You can install a custom price line indicator by downloading the zipped indicator file..