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    App Reviews for Moving Average Trading System

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    maria | 23/06/2018 10:26
    Love this robot
    I have been running this bot for over a month now and now I have my own optimized settings that give me a good return
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    sridhar | 09/08/2018 15:17
    i purchased CTRADER MOVING AVERAGE CROSSOVER STRATEGY from click is the combination of sma,ema,smma,time ma,weighted ma,vidya. i found the good parameters for dax in 15 min time frame vidya 30 and time ma gives 50 pips surely.out of 10 trades 7 success trade and net profit 370 euro in a month.low risk and you will know the correct takes few trades in a month.
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    Darren | 15/11/2020 20:17
    Simple and rewarding
    I have had this bot and many others now, and keep coming back to this as by far the best and most profitable for high probability trades. Whilst its flexible in timeframes, and types of MA, I have simply found that two hull MA's of different periods, using the optimisation tool in cTrader provides across indices, currencies and even XAU the best results with limited drawdown. I have purchased a few from clickalgo, and other providers and this is now my dominant bot across all instruments. Cant recommend it highly enough.
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    Thank you very much for your feedback, sometimes the simple ones are the best when used with manual trading.
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    miqueias | 03/10/2021 03:34
    robot friend
    I'm enjoying the software, simple MA works well both opening and closing moving averages. I really liked the 10 and 15 minute graph time slow simple moving average of 200 periods and fast-moving average of 20 periods worked very well, with the stop gain defined from 20 to 30 pips. Thanks for releasing the robot for testing and congratulations on the work. I only noticed delays and failures sometimes with more closed and irregular moving curves in the case of vidya, in the time of 5 and 2 minutes.
    A manager responded to this review
    Appreciate the feedback and review, thank you.
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