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Questions About the cTrader Platform

We offer online help for the cTrader platform in this knowledge base and if you have a specific question on how to use the platform you will need to post on the cTDN forum where they have a dedicated support team to help you.


cTrader Spotware Support


Who Is Spotware?

Spotware was established in 2010 in Limassol, Cyprus. The company was founded by FinTech expert and entrepreneur Andrey Pavlov. In-house team of over 110 experts in financial technology who collectively possess an excess of 100 years experience in the field. cTrader is Spotware’s flagship trading platform solution and a brand that is trusted by millions of traders worldwide. Currently, cTrader is made available by dozens of top global brokers who have bought into the Traders First™ approach to boost the credibility of their brand. By offering cTrader they emphasize their commitment to offering premium products that improve customer experience tenfold compared to other products on the market.

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cTrader Community Forum

cTrader Platform Help

If you have a query about the cTrader platform than your first step is to post your question on the trading community website for cTrader, this is known as cTDN.


cTrader Community Forum - use this to ask a question

Visit the cTrader Platform Help Page - use this for help with using cTrader


What Support Does ClickAlgo Offer

Currently, we only offer support on all our paid products and custom development services, we do not offer support on general questions from traders on how to use the trading platform, but we do offer online help. In the near future, we will offer a full-paid support service for the cTrader platform.


Our existing customers can contact us via our helpdesk to report any problems with our software.

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ClickAlgo Community Forum

We also have a beginner questions forum to help new traders.

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