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Unlimited Access Rights

If you see a message asking for unlimited access when you add a new cBot instance or adding a new indicator onto a chart, you will need to select 'yes' in order for the program to work, the reason for this is because we save your application settings on your PC so that when you start the program again it will remember them. Our programs will not work without this level of access as they are Add-On applications that require this level of permission to run.


ClickAlgo Trusted Partner


As a default cTrader works in a sandbox and in order to provide you with a feature-rich application, these extra permissions for access are required, if you are unsure please see:

 Also, we are a verified partner of Spotware Systems.


Features that Require Full Access

In order to send basic Telegram alerts from a cBot or indicator, you will need to Allow unlimited access, also, without access rights, we would not be able to provide feature-rich trading applications.