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    Upgrade a cTrader cBot to .NET 6 & C# 10

    This article will help you upgrade your old cBots & indicators that were built using cTrader Desktop 4.1 to be used with cTrader 4.2. It's not required to upgrade to .NET 6, old and new cBots will work perfectly together side-by-side on cTrader 4.2 and above, but if you wish to start using the new features of Microsoft C# 10 then we will show you how to get started.


    cTrader Update cBot .NET 6


    Microsoft .NET 6 is the newest version of .NET that was released in Nov 2021, this is a great improvement of the previous versions and a huge leap from the .NET framework 4.x, it includes some cool features to one of the world's most popular programming languages.


    How to Upgrade Your cBot?

    You can upgrade your old cBots and indicators to use .NET 6 in a few seconds, follow the link below for full instructions.


    Watch a Video Explainer

    We have also created a video explainer showing all of the above and how it works in practice.


    How to Debug Using Visual Studio

    If you plan to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 and above to debug your cTrader source code then this tutorial will help.