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WAE Trading - Getting Started

This is a community-driven project where our customers contributed to the design of this trading system, enabling us to build a trading system from many traders' experiences. The result is the Waddah Attar Explosion Trading System for the cTrader trading platform.


Install All Dependent Indicators

The first step is to make sure that all the required indicators are installed, these are included when you checkout after purchasing the product and you will find them in your ClickAlo Account Downloads.


Trial Download

If you have just downloaded the trial version then you will need to also download the dependent indicators below.


Additional Installation Help

You can find additional help installing the WAE system and get started here.


How to Backtest?

Now that you have the correct settings to run the robot you may want to run a backtest to make sure the results are adequate.


How to Optimise Settings?

You will need to find optimised settings for each symbol and then backtest them to verify that the system has the best possible chance of producing a profit.


How to Report Bugs

If you identify any bugs with the trading system please report them below with the exact steps to reproduce as well as your settings.


How to Suggest an Improvement

If you have some ideas on how to improve this trading system please post them on the suggestions forum below.