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Backtesting & Optimization on Your VPS

We recommend that you do not backtest or optimize your cBots on your VPS for the following reasons.

  1. A backtest uses a large amount of memory (RAM).
  2. Your VPS server has a limited amount of memory (RAM).
  3. Even after a backtest, this memory allocation is still very large.
  4. Running optimization uses even more memory.
  5. Optimization also uses a large amount of your CPU.
  6. What is RAM
  7. What is CPU


Manual Trading

It is possible to manual trade using a VPS and can be very useful when you are a part-time trader and want to easily log into a VPS to manage your trades, but we do not recommend that you do this on low-spec servers. The reason is that if you start opening many charts that have many memory-hungry indicators you may find that it starts to run very slow due to all the resources being used.

Hot Tip

To find out if your VPS can not be affected by low memory or RAM, open cTrader on your PC and take a look at the Task Manager to see if it is using more memory (RAM) than your VPS package.


Our Recommendations

We recommend that you run your backtests and optimization on your workstation computer which would have a much more powerful CPU and higher memory RAm for the complex computations that are involved, once you have the best-optimized parameter settings you can copy these settings to your cBot on the VPS server and run the robots. It would be ok to run a backtest to confirm the results but to free up the memory after it would be wise to use our cTrader Memory Manager software.