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How to Send cBot Log Information

The most important piece of information to help us identify what is wrong with the software or what is causing a problem is the log information, cTrader will log all activity that occurs with your cBot.


How to Find the Log Infomation

The cBot activity log panel is built into the cTrader trading platform and you can access it from either the Chart or Automate screens, you simply press the function key F11 until you see the tabbed view as shown at the bottom of the screen.


cTrader Log Information


How to Save the Log Information

All you need to do is right click your mouse anywhere on the log information tab and you will see a menu pop-up as shown below, choose the Copy All option.


ctrader copy cbot log information


Now you will have all the text copied to your clipboard, the next step is to open notepad or any other text editor and simply paste the clipboard text as shown below.


ctrader log information notepad


Send the Log File

Once you have captured the log information you just need to send it to us with all the other information that was requested on the Bug Reporting Page.


** Please do not send us all of the log activity, but instead only the date range where you had an issue with the robot.