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Your Initial Beta Release

When using our Coding Service for cTrader cBots & Indicators, customers will receive an initial beta version to test, this is not the final version, but instead the first draft. 


What is a Beta Version?

In the world of software engineering, a beta version is an initial release for users to check that all the features that are in the project description sent to the developer are included and that there are no bugs in the system, consider it a first draft of the product. This draft version may have some hidden bugs that the developer did not pick up when they tested and there should not be any obvious bugs that are spotted straight away.


A beta phase generally begins when the software is feature complete but likely to contain a number of unknown bugs.


How to Test a cBot or Indicator

When a customer receives their beta version the first step is to make sure that the features and operation match the project description that was sent to ClickAlgo prior to the invoice being paid.


The Area's to Test

  1. Adjustable settings (parameters)
  2. Trade rules for submitting orders (cBot)
  3. Trade rules for closing positions (cBot)
  4. Risk management rules (cBot)
  5. Indicator displaying correctly (indicator)
  6. Correct formula (indicator)
  7. Alerts are sent correctly (email, telegram and popup)
  8. Any other missing features


Reporting a Bug

If during the initial testing by the customer missing features and bugs are discovered then the developer will correct them free of charge as long as these features are included in the initial project description that was sent to ClickAlgo prior to the invoice being paid. We recommend that customers complete their testing and then report these bugs once testing is complete.


Beta Version Lifecycle

Once a customer has tested the initial beta version and identified any possible bugs, the next step is to report them by providing enough information for the developer to duplicate the same issue and send this information to the developer to fix. The developer will correct the bugs and send a new update to the customer to re-test, this process may take some time until all the bugs have been corrected.


How long does the beta phase last?

Depending on the complexity of the project the beta phase can last many weeks, even small projects can be complex to test, we ask that customers are patient with us and provide feedback via the surveys we send during this process.


Regression Testing

A common problem with software development is that when a bug has been fixed the changes in the code may also create new hidden bugs and because of this the whole product will need re-testing again, it is a slow and time-consuming process, so we hope that customers have an understanding of the difficult task of the developers and are patient with us.


Missing Core Features

If your initial beta version is missing core features that were in your project description that you sent us before you paid the invoice then we take this very seriously and would like to rectify this immediately, if this happens please send an email to and copy the developer into this email.


On-Going Feedback of Our Service

We may contact the customer during the testing phase and when the final product is delivered bug-free for feedback, this will be done in the form of short 1-3 minute surveys with mostly yes or no answers. This will help identify as soon as possible any issues the customer may have with the developer or the service so we can correct this as soon as possible.