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Our Non-Disclosure Agreement

It is common that a customer has a strategy or special indicator formula that they would like automated, but they are very concerned that this idea will find its way on the public internet or to other traders. The problem is that they will need to trust someone to create their project and a non-disclosure agreement is an answer.


What is a Non-Disclosure Document?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is a signed agreement by both parties which protects a customer's confidential information when using our software development service to build cBots & indicators.


Type of Agreement

This agreement is used to protect confidential information from the customer while discussing potential future business using ClickAlgo's development service to build a custom cTrader cBot, indicator or any other software product. It is not an agreement between ClickAlgo Limited and the customer using the development service to create and deliver a product based on the customer's confidential information.


How to Setup?

The procedure is simple, you simply download the PDF NDA document and complete the details with your full name, address and digital or physical signature, send it to us at and we will digitally sign it and return it to you, once this is done you can then send us your confidential project description for us to review.


What Happens Next?

Once we have the full details of the project we will be able to provide a fixed quote for the work and estimated delivery date, if the customer agrees then a Stripe invoice is sent with the terms and conditions attached, once the invoice is paid we are obligated to deliver the product as per the original project description.


Declined Project Requests

Sometimes we decline a project after receiving all the confidential information if we feel that it will be difficult for us to deliver or for any other reason.