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cTrader Optimisation - 100% CPU

When you run the optimisation module using the cTrader Desktop application with multi-core CPU processors you may notice that not all of the CPU is used and sometimes it can be below 50%, this is by design so that you can still use the PC to work while the optimisation crunches numbers.



The solution requires modifying a config file, you just need to open the following folder on your desktop.



  1. Add the following element under the <runtime> in all the files you find. - <gcServer enabled=true />
  2. Restart cTrader and you should see that it now utilizes 100% of your CPU using all your cores while running the optimisation, you will need to repeat the steps above each time cTrader publishes an update.



Do not do this on the main desktop PC that you work or trade with as it will consume all the CPU and it will run slow and sluggish, instead this would be useful for a dedicated machine that is used for optimisation.