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Harmonic Pattern Settings

The harmonic pattern settings panel will allow you to set up your personal preferences for the indicator, the settings are updated as soon as you save and exit.


cTrader Harmonic Pattern Indicator Settings

Days to process

The is the number of days that the pattern scanner will look back to find patterns, if you are using a low timeframe then you may want to set this value to a lower value, if you are using a high timeframe like Daily, then you may want to look back the last month which would be 30. The minimum value is 1 and the maximum days you can look back is 365.

Bars to process

This is the number of bars or candles that you want the scanner to look back for patterns, having both the days to process and bars gives you greater control on selecting quality patterns. the values allowed are 100 to 1000 if you use 1000 remember it will take longer to process.

Hot Tip

If you increase the days to process or the bars to process then your patterns will be formed over a long period of time and be stretched of many days, if you prefer to have patterns that are formed over a shorter period like the image below then keep the default settings. we recommend that you experiment with these settings to get the perfect patterns for each timeframe used.

  1. Timeframe 1-day
  2. Days to process: 100
  3. Bars to process: 500

Pop-up (mins)

This is part of the alert system and when a new pattern forms a pop-up window will be displayed showing you the pattern information and helping you decide the direction of the trade. This window will auto close after (x) minutes, the default value is 5 so that after 5-minutes the pop-up will automatically close, you can change this value to anything that will suit you.

Pattern opacity

This is a value between 0 and 255, it sets the amount of colour in the pattern, the default value is 50 and a value of 255 will completely fill the pattern colour as shown below.



cTrader Harmonic Pattern Opacity Fill


cTrader Harmonic Pattern Opacity 50

Display ratios

You have the option to show or hide the ratio text and lines as shown below to make your charts less cluttered.


cTrader Bullish Shark No Ratios

Snap to pattern

This feature will automatically scroll the chart to the latest pattern that has just formed, it is useful if you are looking at another time in the chart and a new pattern forms, you will be taken directly to it.

Ratio tolerance %

This is probably one of the most useful settings, each harmonic pattern adheres to a strict value to be a perfect formation, the only problem is that if we only waited for perfect patterns we may not see many, by adjusting this value you can tell the scanning software to accept patterns that fall plus or minus % of the expected value. An example would be that with a Butterfly pattern the mandatory retracement of the XA leg at point B must be 78.6% if you set the Ratio tolerance to 1% then the scanner will allow patterns with an XA leg of 77.6% to 79.6%

Auto-scan patterns

This setting will allow the scanner to search for new patterns on the close of each candle (bar), so with a 1-hour timeframe, the scanner will search every hour, if you select No then you will need to manually refresh the chart to wake up the scanner to search for new patterns. You may wish to turn this feature off to see a pattern that is the perfect setup with other indicators and you wish to enter a trade and manage it, you may wish to turn this feature on if you want to receive alerts when a new pattern is formed or you just want to see all the new patterns.

Pattern accuracy

Another important setting, we have set a pattern accuracy of 99% to be a perfect setup, this is where all the ratio values closely match the recommended ratios as defined by Scott M. Carney and each pattern has its own ratios and specific pattern. The reason we have provided an accuracy meter is that it will allow the trader to experiment with lower values and not be tied to strict values, the markets change and a lower accuracy could provide better results.

Harmonic Ratios

In Harmonic trading we distinguish between:

  1. Primary Ratios
  2. Primary Derived Ratios
  3. Complementary Derived Ratios.

Primary Ratios

Directly derived from the Fibonacci Number Sequence.

  • 0.618 = Primary Ratio
  • 1.618 = Primary Projection

Primary Derived Ratios

  • 0.786 = Square root of 0.618
  • 0.886 = Fourth roof of 0.618 or Square root of 0.786
  • 1.130 = Fourth root of 1.618 or Square root of 1.27
  • 1.270 = Square root of 1.618

Complementary Derived Ratios

  • 0.382 = (1 - 0.618) or 0.618e2
  • 0.500 = 0.770e2
  • 0.707 = Square root of 0.50
  • 1.410 = Square root of 2.0
  • 2.000 = 1 + 1
  • 2.240 = Square root of 5
  • 2.618 = 1.618e2
  • 3.141 = Pi
  • 3.618 = 1 + 2.618

Pattern Colours

It is possible to define the colours of the filled-in harmonic patterns by clicking on the buttons at the bottom of the settings panel, you can also change the text colour which is very useful when switching between a dark and light background.


ctrader harmonic patterns background color

Too Many Patterns & Alerts?

If you are getting too many patterns formed and both bullish and bearish signals at the same time then the cause of this will be your settings, you will have the following:

  1. Low accuracy setting
  2. High tolerance setting

If you have selected a low accuracy or high tolerance then many patterns will form at the close of the candle and you will get many alerts, you may also see both a bullish and bearish pattern form at the same time. A better setting is 99% accuracy and a ratio tolerance of 0 - 1%, you will not see many patterns form, but when they do they will be more accurate.