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Indicator Conversions to cTrader

If you have found an indicator that you like for another trading platform and you would like to get it converted so you can use it for the cTrader trading platform then we can help you with this using our professional development service, but we would need the following information as a minimum.


  1. If possible a design document using Microsoft word or similar which contains a full list of adjustable indicator settings.
  2. A statement that you would like the indicator to operate exactly the same as the version on the other trading platform.
  3. If you want additional features these need to be added to your design document.
  4. The source code for the indicator must be attached to the email you send us as the original file
  5. Do not copy & paste the source code in the email.
  6. If new features are required, we need additional screenshots of charts where possible.


Why We Need this Information

We need all the above information so that the developer can create an exact match and also add the additional features if required, also, your design document is referenced to the invoice and our terms and conditions so that we do our job correctly and only provide what is requested.


Point of Contact

Once you are ready and have the information required just send it all by email to