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Setting Up Email Alerts With cTrader

The first step to allow our products to send you emails via the cTrader platform is to configure your email settings from the platform, this will also apply for sending emails with any cBot or indicator. If you open cTrader you will see a small icon bottom left which will open the settings panel.

 ctrader settings

Once you have the settings window open, just click on the email settings link as shown below bottom left.

cTrader email setup


Known Issue With Google Accounts

If you have set up your email credentials correctly with the cTrader platform and the emails are failing to be sent with your automated trading system, indicator or trading software than there is a high chance that your email provider is blocking the cTrader application, this blog will help you unblock a GMAIL account.

Find Out How to Unblock Gmail


How To Test Your Email Settings Are Correct

Once you have configured your email settings in cTrader the simplest way to test if they will work with any cBot, indicator and trading software that you have downloaded is to download and install the cTrader Email Test Tool on this page, just add it to your shopping cart and checkout, it is free to use.

Click Here to Download The Email Test Tool


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