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How to Back-Test The Neptune Trading Robot

We have created a few videos to help you backtest the Neptune trading robots, optimise them and how to get started.


Neptune Video Tutorials

These videos will show you how to backtest, optimise and use the trading system.

Duration: 10 minutes - If the video does not play click here 

Set the video quality to 1080p and expand to full screen.



Backtesting Explained

If you need help with backtesting a cTrader trading robot then follow the link below which will go into detail on how to do it.


Common Questions

Here are a few questions that were asked by customers, if you have any other questions regarding backtesting please contact us.


When the backtest ends, why is the equity not equal to the balance and why does it show drawdown?

This happens when there are still trades open and at a loss, at the end of a backtest the cTrader platform does not automatically close all trades, you will find that some positions will still be open, sometimes in profit and sometimes in a loss.


Can I use a different symbol, optimise the settings and run a backtest?

Yes, you can, just change the symbol name, run the optimisation module and run a backtest to see if you have good results.

Please remember that the algorithm is designed for the symbol stated on the product page for maximum performance.