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Neptune Trading Product Support Page

cTrader Neptune Trading Product Support


Version 2.5.1 - updated 02.10.2022

Welcome to the Neptune Trading System (NTS) product support page, if you are unfamiliar with this product please visit the main product page.


What Account Size Should You Use?

A common question is what account size a trader should start to use, the following article below may help you decide.


Important Information - Compounded Drawdown Risk

It may be worth noting that if you achieve a 5% drawdown (capital at risk) with a back-test run for a single symbol and you wish to run 10 cBot instances or 10 symbols at the same time and they all show around a 5% drawdown than you could potentially have a compounded drawdown of 50%. To overcome this you can use the feature Single Trade/Account, this will only allow a single trade to open for all 10 cBots so that your drawdown can be kept to a minimum.


Why No Trades Opened?

This type of trading system has periods of stagnation and runs happily in the background and is not very exciting, it waits for a strong trend before starting to trade.