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Neptune Trading - Optimization

If you have purchased one of our Neptune trading robots you will need to know how to optimise your own parameter settings, this article will help you find the best settings for maximum profits. If the robot name is EURUSD, then it has an internal logic that is only suited to this currency symbol, and if you change the robot symbol, we cannot guarantee that it will work correctly.


How To Optimize

We provide you with over 60 settings that you can use to run cTrader's optimization service to get even better results yourself.

Optimization Tutorial - Duration: 18 minutes - Watch Video Tutorial


Neptune Optimisation Handbook

We have additional help for traders to learn how to optimise the Neptune trading system in the form of a handbook written by one of our customers and an active user of the Neptune trading systems.


Join The Neptune Optimisation Forum

We run a forum where you can ask questions about optimising the Neptune trading system as well as sharing your best settings.


Recommended Optimisation Periods

As the markets continuously change and even go wild like during the Coronavirus, we recommend that you run monthly backtests and if the results are poor, run optimisation over a 1-month period and use these settings, do the same the following month and continue to review and optimise when required. So as a recap if a 1-month backtest result is poor, optimise for the past month and repeat this process each month. We will continue to publish 1-year optimised results every quarter.


What is Optimisation?

Most trading platforms have an optimization feature, this is where you set the parameters for indicators and take profit and stop loss to fit the market data, by doing this you are hoping that the future data will also follow these patterns, this will not always be the case as fresh data is unpredictable, but it will increase the probability of winning.

Remember you are optimising for the current market going back 1 year, the past is very different, you are hoping that fresh data will follow the same settings, but this is not always the case, regular calibration with optimisation is required together with human interaction using your trading skills, this is not 100% automated.


Getting Started

All the Neptune robots we supply are already optimized for the complete date range which at the time was 2011 to 2019, but if you wish to optimize for a different date range or even the past year then we will show you how. 

The quickest method to optimise your parameters is to just find the best stop loss and take profits for both buy and sell trades, to do this click on the Automate button on the left of the platform and open the optimisation module in cTrader.


cTrader automate


How to Run a Quick Optimisation

Click on the optimisation tab as shown below and enter your optimisation backtest settings, we used a starting capital of £1000.00, but you can enter anything you want, add the commission for the broker and spread then you are ready to go.


ctrader backtest settings neptune


Parameters for Optimisation

Now you just need to set which parameters you would like to optimise, for a quick optimisation we are going to use only the stop loss and take profit values, so you can uncheck all the others.

Do not optimise the position size, leave this at the lowest value of 0.01 lots and once you have your optimised settings you can manually increase the lots until you reach your desired risk/reward.


How to Run A Full Optimisation

If you want the best possible settings then you can run a full optimisation of all the parameters, this can take many hours, so it is best to let it run overnight or when you are away from your PC.

You will see parameters called Optimizer followed by a number, as this type of trading system is black-box, which means the working logic is hidden from the customer and only a number can be used to get the best results. 


 ctrader neptune full optimization


Turbo Boost

We recommend that you experiment with this set to 'Yes' and 'No', the turbo boost parameter will open more trades and provide a much higher net profit, but it can also increase the drawdown.


How to Get More Trades

By default the Neptune trading system does not open many trades due to its design of using many trend indicators, it is possible to get the trading system to open more positions by setting the backtest criteria to favour Max Trades.


What Timeframe Can You Use?

All the Neptune trading robots are configured for the 1-hour timeframe, we cannot guarantee results if you change this value, but there is nothing stopping you from experimenting with other values.


Watch a Video on How to Optimise?

The video has been uploaded to 1080p High Quality, so do not forget to set your U-Tube video quality to 1080p HD. 

Duration: 18 minutes - Watch full-screen on YouTube


cTrader Neptune Optimise Video