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Neptune Trading System Installation

When you download the Neptune trading robots from our website or in an email if it is a trial, you will find that it is compressed, you need to first uncompress the file. once this is done you will see the files as shown below.


neptune files

Once you have the files uncompressed as shown above you just need to install the algo file by double-clicking on it.


If you are new to cTrader you may have difficulty finding your cBot, follow the link below if you need the help.


How to Setup & Load Input Parameters

Each robot should already have the correct input parameters, these are the adjustable parameters that you can modify to change the trading performance of the robot, the only item that does not get updated is the symbol name, so make sure the symbol name for the input parameter is the same as the name of the robot (cBot) or the trading results will be poor.


neptune example settings

Low 1-Year Backtest Settings

We have provided 1-year backtest settings, this is measured by the amount of maximum balance drawdown that occurs during the backtest.

If for any reason you modify the settings, you can load the original values at any time from the files that were included with the download, the folder is called Trial Parameter Sets as shown above in the image.


Once you have installed the robots (cBots) you are all ready to start trading, but before you start double check that everything is ok by running a backtest, the next section will explain how you can do this.