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Risk & Reward Tool Common Questions

If you are using the cTrader Risk & Reward Charting Tool then this may help you find your answer to many of the most common questions asked by traders who have started using the product.


Why does the position size change when I modify the stop loss?

If you see this happening it is because the system will auto-calculate the position size based on your risk & reward settings, you can turn this off easily by opening the settings window and selecting No for the Auto-Position Sizing option.


ctrader position size


Why does the tool open new orders when I adjust the stop loss?

If you see this happening it is not the Risk & Reward tool which is doing this, but instead the actual cTrader trading platform and the way it manages partial closes of positions, you can stop this from happening easily by following the step above and turn off the Auto-Position Sizing option. What actually happens when the volume of a position is adjusted is that cTrader will partially close part of the original position and give the closed position a new position ID (PID), the original position will still retain its original PID. When a pending order is submitted it will start with an OID and when it gets filled a PID is created, this PID is a new market order, but when a request is sent to close some of the volumes it will retain its original PID, but the closed part of the trade will have a new PID.

With Auto-Position Sizing set to YES and when you adjust the stop loss the positions volume will be modified so that your preset risk amount stays the same.


When I open the charting tool my currency shows an asterisk (*)

This can happen sometimes when you first use the tool, just open the settings panel and make sure you enter your correct Currency and click on the Save & Exit button, the next time you open the charting tool it will show the correct currency.


When I plan a Limit or Stop order the target pips is wrong

If you plan a limit or stop order the take profit pips target shows the distance to the entry price and not the target price, if you move the target price line on the chart it will update.


Fixed cash risk value is lower than my setting on the chart

If you notice that the fixed cash risk value on the chart is lower then your setting than it will be because your stop-loss is very close to the symbol price if you drag the stop loss away you will notice it will get more accurate. The risk loss amount below should be $10.00 and not $8.98


ctrader fixed cash