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How to Install cTrader

This article will help you install the cTrader trading platform for the first time on your PC or Mac OS, we will also help you find a suitable broker.


First Step - Find a Broker

If you are totally new to the cTrader platform then you will need to first find a broker you are happy with, this usually depends on where you are from and the type of symbols you wish to trade with. I would start by looking for a broker in the same country which offers cTrader as a platform to download, some of the best brokers are listed below.

  • FxPro
  • IC Markets (best)
  • Pepperstone
  • Tradeview Forex
  • RoboForex


Start with a demo account

You can start by signing up with a demo account so that you can try for as long as you want using cTrader which you can also download for free until you have enough experience to sign-up with a live account and start making a living out of trading.


Once you have found a broker you like and one that has good customer service then you will be able to download cTrader from the broker's website and install it onto your PC. It might be worth doing some research on the broker first to make sure they have good customer reviews, take a look at Trustpilot.


How to install cTrader on the PC

Once you have downloaded the installation file from your broker's website, you can go ahead and double click on the file to install, your broker should have sent you instructions via email with your login username and password.


How to install cTrader on the Mac OS

This is a little bit more work as cTrader does not have a standard installation file for the Mac, only for the PC, but it is not impossible, you will need to install some additional software on your Mac so that you can then install Windows, this is because cTrader will only run under the Windows operating system, just follow the link below for instructions.


Need Extra Help?

If you need some extra help installing cTrader from your broker's website then watch the video explainer below.


It is also possible to bypass signing up for a broker and download the beta version of cTrader, this beta version is not quite ready for production yet and may contain a few bugs, but it will be the latest version for you to test.