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    cTrader Brokers - A Complete List

    We have put together a complete list of cTrader brokers to help traders sign up with the most reliable ones with great customer service and fees. This list was compiled based on Trustpilot reviews, the size of the company, regulations, support, fees, security of funds and other factors.


    Best cTrader Brokers

    The cTrader is broker-neutral which means that the platform can be offered by any broker.

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    Best cTrader Brokers

    The following brokers are shown as best at the top with the most regulated, size of the company, number of Trustpilot reviews, Trustpilot score and other factors like fees, customer support and transparency.

    1. IC Markets - Australia + Global 
    2. Pepperstone - Australia + Global
    3. FXPro - the United Kingdom + Global
    4. Varianse - the United Kingdom + Global 
    5. Tradeview Forex - Caymans & EU
    6. Top FX- Cyprus 
    7. Skilling - Cyprus
    8. Scandinavian Capital Markets - Sweden
    9. Fibo Group - Cyprus + Global
    10. Roboforex - Belize
    11. Axiory - Belize
    12. Purple Trading - Cyprus
    13. Kimura, Malta - NTS
    14. FX Pig - Vanuatu
    15. Trader's Way, - NA, NR
    16. Conotoxia - Cyprus, NTS
    17. Bull SphereThailand, NR


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    • NR - No regulation is shown on the website.
    • NA - No business address is shown on the website.
    • NTS - No Trustpilot score or real-online reviews.


    Best cTrader Brokers


    Full Broker Review

    You can find an exclusive review and overview of the best cTrader brokers at


    Unlisted Brokers

    If you are using or thinking about using a broker that is not listed above then we advise caution, research the company with a Google search and look for the key factors for choosing a regulated and transparent broker.


    Scam Brokers

    We have found at least one broker offering cTrader that we feel is a scam, do not open an account with them.


    Small or Micro Accounts

    Firstly, here is a list of all the brokers that offer a small account size or micro-accounts to help you get started, we will also show you which ones are good.


    Who Are Trustpilot?

    Trustpilot is a popular Danish review website founded in Denmark in 2007 that hosts reviews of businesses worldwide with nearly 1 million new reviews posted each month. The Trustpilot reviews provide more insights into the actions they are taking to protect and promote trust online. They also combat fake reviews and all reviews are analysed for trustworthiness.


    Watch a Video Explainer

    We have also put together a quick video explaining how we managed to rate the brokers and why it was needed.


    How to Open a Demo Account

    If you are planning on starting out by using a demo account so you can practice your trading with zero risk and no costs then have a read of our article below that will help you download the cTrader platform.


    Inaccuracies & Mistakes

    If you spot any mistakes or inaccuracies in our list of brokers above or if you are a broker and we missed adding your company.

    Please contact us and we will update the page.

    * this data was updated on the 9th of March 2022