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News Calendar Alert Settings

The alerts settings window of the cTrader Forex News Calendar is where the notifications credentials are configured as well as the alert settings for sending the notifications.


 cTrader News Alert Notifications


In the general settings tab of the application, you will see the sections for entering your email, Telegram and SMS credentials, these are all optional.


Notification Settings

The alerts are sent a configurable number of minutes before the news event and also after the event has finished, the default value is 5 minutes but these can be changed to suit the volatility that happens before a symbols news event. Also, it is possible to turn these settings on or off so that you can receive alerts only before the news and not after.


cTrader News Alert Setings


Automated API Signals

The above settings will also apply to signals sent to an automated trading system using the cTrader News Calendar API

  • Learn more about API integration


Popup Message Settings

Another option is to have a popup message displayed on the screen before the news event, this is configurable as an option to be displayed for a set number of seconds, the default value is 60 seconds, also, an audible sound can be played just to warn the trader who may not be at the workstation.


cTrader News Event Popup Messages


by clicking on the second's blue link the user will see an example popup message displayed fo the next upcoming news, this will help adjust the seconds to suit the trader.