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    cTrader Coding Starter Kits

    Our free open-source cTrader cBots provide a starting point for all coders and traders to build upon an existing strategy to achieve the perfect automated trading robot. These cBots are great as a starting point to add new features. Learn to code with Microsoft C#, one of the world's most popular programming languages.

    cTrader cBot Coding Help

    What is a cBot Kit?

    A cTrader cBot kit is a basic trading strategy to open, close and manage trades automatically using a robot with no human interaction, the kit is provided with complete source code for the trader to modify to enhance the system for a better performance. Most of the kits are provided by Spotware Systems Ltd, which is the company that created the cTrader Desktop trading platform.


    What is an Automated Trading System?

    The goal of an automated trading system is to take advantage of opportunities in the market by responding quickly to changes in price, volume, or other market conditions. The system can analyze vast amounts of market data, such as price charts, indicators, news feeds, and historical data, to identify potential trading signals and make trading decisions based on predefined rules.


    What is Source Code?

    Source code refers to human-readable instructions or statements written in a programming language by a software developer. It is a set of instructions that a computer can understand and execute to perform a specific task or create a software application. Having access to the source code is essential because it allows traders to create, modify, and maintain the automated trading systems, it also serves as a blueprint for understanding how a cBot works. Additionally, having access to the source code allows for customization, debugging, and improvement of the cBot. 


    Additional Help

    We provide many Free educational articles to help traders build their own automated trading systems.

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    Our Coding Service

    Contact our development team if you need help building your automated trading strategy.

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