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    How to use cTrader on a Mac

    Many traders use the Mac computer for their everyday use and we can understand that they would not give it up for a Windows PC and as cTrader currently requires Windows to be installed we will show you a way to run both Windows and your Mac OS side-by-side. you need to have Windows installed on your Mac to be able to install cTrader Desktop, we recommend the latest version of Windows 10, which has all the security updates.


    Parallels Desktop

    The current best way you can have both Windows OS and the Mac OS on your machine at the same time is to use some software called Parallels, this will allow you to switch between Windows and Mac without having to reboot your machine and lose all your work.


    Installing Windows 10

    The following video will demonstrate how easy it is to install Windows 10 on your Mac computer in just a few minutes. If you do not have a copy of Windows 10, then Parallels will help you download and install Windows 10 with a single click of the mouse.


    Using Parallels is the fastest and easiest method to run Windows® on Mac®—without the need for rebooting.
    Includes 30+ utilities to simplify everyday tasks on Mac and Windows.