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    How to Get Your Telegram Chat ID

    Most of our cTrader trading tools use the Telegram service to send trade signals and the 2 key values required are the bot token and the Chat ID, this tool can also be used by anybody who needs the Chat ID to send messages to their Telegram bots.


    Create a Bot Token

    To find your bot token you need to create a Telegram account and create a bot where your messages will be sent.


    Your Chat ID

    Your Chat ID will be shown below in the green box, keep this safe as it will be used for all your cBot channels you create.

    chat": { 
         "id": xxxxxxxxxx,


    Need Help?

    If you see the following message below then you need to start your new Telegram bot and post a simple message to wake it up.

      "ok": true,
      "result": []


    Configure Telegram to Use Custom Sounds

    It is possible to configure Telegram to play a custom sound file like a loud continuous alarm when your cTrader cBot sends a message to your Telegram group, if you really want to get the trader's attention with a custom sound then read the article below.


    Check the Status of Telegram

    Sometimes the Telegram service may be down or running slow, you can find out the current state of play globally below.


    Watch a YouTube Tutorial

    If you are stuck then the following video may help you.