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    Best cTrader & MT4 Trade Copying Software

    Copy trading is the technique of copying another trader’s positions, copy trading is popular among forex traders and is widely used within popular third-party platforms like cTrader. We are going to show you all the available copy trade software applications available for cTrader both paid and free. Nearly all of them allow cTrader to MT4 and MT4 to cTrader copying of your trades.


    What Is Copy Trading?

    The copy trading software allows traders to automatically or manually copy another trader’s positions when they are opened or closed, using either cTrader or MT4. The definition of copy trading is linked to mirror trading, but the difference with copy trading is that traders are copying trades instead of actually replicating top strategies.


    Duplikium Trade Copier (Subscription)

    This company offers a cloud-based Trade Copying Platform designed for High-Frequency Trading to manage multiple accounts and supports all MT4, MT5 & cTrader without the need for VPS running 24/7 and software installation. They are probably one of the best companies to purchase software for your trade copying.


    cTrader Trade Copy


    • 9 years of development and growth
    • Cloud-based setup, no VPS & software required
    • Copy, update and delete all orders types as Market, Pending, Stop Loss and Take Profit
    • Ultra-low internal latency of 1-3ms, select the Trade Copier server location to optimize the latency
    • Nice user interface



    • Paid subscription plan for additional orders per day and features
    • The free plan has limited orders per day and limited features



    cMAM Trade Copier (Free)

    Submit Forex trades with many different cTrader accounts with the same exact trades by simultaneously trading multiple accounts. Copying from cTrader to MetaTrader 4/5 and MetaTrader 4/5 to cTrader. The software is free to use, but you will still need to pay for a VPS server to host the application that will run 24/7


    cTrader Trade Copying Software


    • Completely Free with developer support via a telegram group
    • Connect an unlimited number of trading accounts from multiple brokers and cTrader profiles
    • Executing same trading operations at the same time on multiple trading accounts
    • Easily manage multiple cTrader accounts from different brokers
    • Copying from cTrader to MetaTrader 4/5 and MetaTrader 4/5 to cTrader
    • Advanced options for the closing of positions and pending orders
    • Powerful and high-speed mirroring engine
    • Copying one account orders to multiple accounts
    • Cross broker mirroring
    • Copying symbol orders to x number of other different symbols (ex: GBPUSD -> EURUSD)
    • Multiplying master account orders volume and then copying to slave accounts



    • User interface not so appealing
    • No code-signed install file
    • Virtual Private Server (VPS) required


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