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    Semi-Automated Trading

    The semi-automated trading robots that we offer will require some human interaction by the trader, these are not fully automated systems.

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    cTrader Economic Forex News Manager

    cTrader Forex News Manager

    Why suffer from big losses. The cTrader Forex News Release Manager provides signals to pause your robots (x) minutes before, during and after a news release together with an option to auto-close open positions. If you automate your trading using technical indicators then you need this.
    1 044,75 ₽
    cTrader Historical Market Data Converter

    cTrader Historical Market Data Converter

    The cTrader historical backtest Forex market data converter will convert a free market data file downloaded from Ducascopy into a format that can be loaded into the cTrader backtest module. Most brokers using cTrader only provide Forex data from 2011, this tool allows you to get data from 2004.
    3 136,34 ₽
    cTrader Moving Average Forex Alerts

    cTrader Moving Average Instant Alerts

    The cTrader Moving Average Instant Alert Message Widget will allow you to set Simple, Exponential, Time Series, Triangular, VIDYA, Weighted and Wilder Smoothing instant alerts using windows pop-up, Telegram Messaging Service, SMS instant messages or emails with a variety of conditions over multiple timeframes. This tool will give you a much better view of the market conditions as it happens in seconds.

    Version 2.1.0
    3 136,34 ₽
    cTrader MACD Forex Alerts

    cTrader MACD Robot With Alerts

    The cTrader MACD Auto-Trader will notify you when any number of bullish or bearish conditions occur with the MACD crossover indicator via instant messages with an SMS, Telegram, Email or a simple Pop-up window. It will also enter a trade by opening a buy or sell position automatically for you.
    2 613,44 ₽
    cTrader RSI Trading Robot

    cTrader Classic RSI Strategy

    This is a classic Relative Strength Index (RSI) trading and signal robot, it is very good in prediction trend and price movement with signals that tell you when an instrument is oversold or overbought, use it as an auto-trader and also receive instant signals via email and a window pop-up.
    3 136,34 ₽
    cTrader profit and loss Forex targets

    cTrader Profit & Loss Risk Manager

    Traders who just want a simple method to lock in their profits or reduce their losses can use this cTrader cBot (robot) that will make sure that your profit and loss targets are managed correctly. This tool can close all open orders as well as pending orders.
    1 567,65 ₽
    cTrader Switchback Optimisation Service

    Switchback Optimisation Service

    We offer service for the cTrader Advanced Switchback Trading System to find the best parameter settings for any single symbol, having the best configuration will give you the highest profit and lowest risk.

    * Indices, Shares & Crypto for 1-year only.
    * FOREX for 1-year only.
    * Single Symbol Only using 1-min bar data.
    7 843,46 ₽
    cTrader Forex Trade Notifications

    cTrader Instant Trade Notifications

    This cTrader robot will automatically send you an instant Email, Telegram or SMS text message when one of your positions is opened or closed, it was initially designed for our customers so that they know when one of the automated trading systems opens or closes a position so that they can analyse the trade.
    2 090,54 ₽
    cTrader Advanced Forex Protection

    cTrader Forex Risk Management

    The cTrader platform does not have an automated advanced protection feature for trades that open in the future like automated or pending orders, this tool will protect your exposed positions while you are away from your desk. There are 5-take profit targets, a break-even stops, trailing stop loss and stealth stops.
    2 613,44 ₽
    cTrader ATR Trailing Stop cBot

    cTrader ATR Trailing Stop

    The cTrader Average True Range (ATR) Trailing Stop is an automated trading system that can manage your stop loss for new and existing orders by trailing it behind the price of an instrument based on the ATR indicator which is provided for free. The Average True Range is a popular indicator in the trading environment, ideally used to measure the volatility of an instrument.
    2 090,54 ₽
    cTrader Waddah Attar optimisation

    WAE System Optimisation Service

    We offer a parameter optimisation service for a Waddah Attar Trading Robot to find the best parameter settings for 1-years worth of historical data, having the best possible cBot settings will give you a much better chance of the robot 's success rate on fresh data in the future.

    * Single Symbol Only using 1-min bar data.
    * 1-Year of historical backtest data.
    5 228,97 ₽
    cTrader Moving Average Trailing Stop

    cTrader Moving Average Trailing Stop

    The cTrader Moving Average Trailing Stop is an automated trading system that can manage your stop loss for new and existing orders by trailing it behind the price of an instrument based on the cTrader standard MA indicator which is provided for free. A moving average is a default indicator that is commonly used in technical analysis.
    2 090,54 ₽
    cTrader Candle High-Low Trailing Stop

    cTrader Candlestick Trailing Stop-Loss

    The cTrader Candle High & Candle Low automated robot uses a set amount of closed candles in the direction of the trade to determine where to move the trailing stop loss.
    2 090,54 ₽
    cTrader VPS Forex Memory Manager

    cTrader Memory Management

    Running your automated strategies on your PC or a Virtual Private Server (VPS) will require the right amount of memory (RAM), this memory can be very expensive and not always required. The cTrader cBot Memory Manager will not only make sure you have the right amount of RAM but will also free up your memory when cTrader starts to consume large amounts of memory.
    2 613,44 ₽
    cTrader Advanced Forex Trading Robot

    cTrader Switchback Trading System

    This is a community-based organically grown project for the more advanced trader who wishes to start using the features of a semi-automated trading system to complement their existing strategies. The core engine uses smart-grid logic combined with advanced risk management and multi-timeframe technical trend indicators.
    15 685,87 ₽