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    Why Use cTrader Web, Mobile & Windows

    The cTrader platform is a high-speed, deep liquidity platform designed for day traders, scalpers, and algorithmic traders. It offers a clean, easy-to-use interface for trading and charting, making it a modern choice for traders who want a powerful yet simple platform. With cTrader, you can take advantage of the broker's deep liquidity to execute trades quickly and efficiently. Whether you are a professional trader or just starting out, cTrader is an excellent choice for your trading needs.


    cTrader Best Forex Trading Platform


    cTrader received the Best Trading Platform Award in London in 2018 and this was due to the fact that it is now beginning to be noticed by the wider trading community, this trading platform is still new compared to other platforms and not so well known, but over the past few years with regular platform updates with new features and a growing community of followers.


    Reasons to Choose cTrader

    1. Modern trading platform with a clean easy-to-use uncluttered interface for trading and charting.
    2. Algorithmic trading using a professional programming language Microsoft C# where anything is possible limited only by your imagination.
    3. Fast-growing Telegram communities where questions are answered quickly and ideas are shared.
    4. A unique feature to copy the trades of successful traders within the main trading platform.
    5. Fast trade execution, fast charting.
    6. Growing Ecosystem of 3rd party vendors offering unique trading tools to retail traders.
    7. No conflict of interest between the trading platform cTrader and the trader due to the fact that the brokers are charged volume fees.
    8. The new traders of today younger and full of energy, need a trading platform that is modern and powerful.


    Download cTrader



    So How Does cTrader Place Traders First?

    What this actually means is that due to the business model between Spotware the creators of cTrader and the brokers, it is the broker that pays the bill and the more traders who are successful the better it is for cTrader, this is why they promote education and an active community on Telegram to assist traders in their journey.


    cTrader vs MT4

    Over the past few years, it is well known in the trading community that cTrader is quickly overtaking the market leader MetaTrader MT4. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more younger traders are looking at an alternative method to create an income from virtually anywhere and they are looking for a modern, sleek and fast trading platform with all the features for a new style of trading, this is where cTrader plays a big part.


    cTrader’s Ascent and the Slow Death of MT4

    Most Forex retail traders used to use MetaTrader 4 (MT4) which was one of the first Forex trading platforms offered to retail traders and has been around since 2005, but newer, faster and more user-friendly trading platforms have started to overtake MT4.


    Telegram Communities

    There are a few very popular Telegram communities you can join to chat about cTrader Desktop, Web, Mobile, Copy Trading, Algorithmic trading, cBots, indicators and much more.


    How to Get Started?

    The cTrader trading platform is Free to use for as long as you want using either a demo or live trading account with a broker. We suggest that you first find a suitable broker and then sign-up for a demo account, you will then be able to download the trading platform directly from your broker.

    1. First, do your research and find a broker you feel comfortable with, there are many factors in choosing a broker like regulation, customer service, instruments offered, fees, training and education etc.
    2. When you have chosen your broker, just sign-up for a demo or live account and you will be shown where you can download cTrader.
    3. One of the first steps, after you have downloaded and started using the trading platform, is to learn how to use it, both ourselves, cTrader and your broker offer both video and web-based education.


    Open a Demo Account

    We will help you find a suitable Forex broker and show you how to apply for a cTrader demo account to download the trading platform.


    Online Help

    Here are just a few of the core help guides to get you started, your broker will provide even more information to help you get up and running.


    Which Broker to Choose?

    We have put together a complete list of cTrader brokers to help traders sign-up with the most reliable one with great customer service.


    cTrader Trading Solutions

    The company that created the cTrader trading platform is Spotware and they offer a complete solution of trading tools.


    Our Trading Tools

    We have many custom indicators, automated trading systems and professional trading tools to help retail traders on their journey.


    Download Multi-Broker cTrader

    If you want to download and give cTrader a try without signing up for a demo account with any broker.