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    Best Paid & Free Trading Journals

    We have reviewed some of the best paid and free trade journals currently available in 2024, this is based on ease of use, features, price, support and real online customer reviews with Trustpilot. All of the journals support the cTrader platform. The bulk of our trading losses stem from a series of common trading errors, and by analyzing these patterns and pinpointing the specific mistakes causing financial setbacks, you can concentrate on avoiding them in your upcoming trading sessions, enhancing your chances of success.


    What is a Trading Journal?

    A trading journal is a detailed record of all your trades in financial markets, such as stocks, forex, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. It typically includes information such as the date and time of the trade, the asset traded, entry and exit prices, position size, the trading strategy employed, reasons for entering the trade, and any notes on market conditions or personal emotions at the time of the trade.

    A trading journal aims to help traders analyze their performance, identify strengths and weaknesses in their trading strategies, and learn from past mistakes. By systematically keeping track of all trades, traders can gain insights into their decision-making process, refine their strategy, and ultimately improve their overall trading performance over time.


    Best cTrader Trade Journal 2024


    Traders Sync - Best Paid

    Record your trades effortlessly, ensuring your data is thoroughly backed up and safeguarded. With each entry in your trading journal, TraderSync enhances your trading acumen, offering peace of mind and sharpening your edge in the market. This trading journal software detects trading patterns and delivers detailed reports, empowering you to discern what strategies are effective.



    You can pay monthly or per year, the price monthly, starts at around $30.00 for the Pro version and $80.00 for the Elite version. The Pro version is the best option for 99% of traders. We recommend, that you start with a 7-day free trial to see if this will help you. TradersSync does not offer refunds, this should not be a problem if you pay for the monthly subscription as you can cancel anytime.


    Mobile App

    TradersSync provided a mobile app from the App Store and Google Play.



    Traders Sync provides a detailed user guide and video tutorials.



    Out of all the trade journals we reviewed, TradersSync had the best reviews on Trustpilot.



    Best Free Trade Journal


    Stonk Journal - Best Free

    Trusted by over 20,000+ Traders - watch the video overview

    StonkJournal began as a personal endeavour and has now amassed thousands of users, it offers a free, all-encompassing, swift, and user-friendly journaling experience, and it breaks down barriers to entry. Their focus lies in speed, minimal learning curve, and seamless integration into your daily trading routine.

    Are you seeking a trading journal that's both free and ad-free, swift, user-friendly, and comprehensive enough to seamlessly blend into your daily reading routine? The trade entry screen is crafted for rapid input, featuring a simple and intuitive interface as it remembers past trades and utilizes user preferences to streamline data entry, serving as an optimal foundation for building a thorough trade journal.



    When we wrote this review, Stonk Journal was Free, but they can’t promise that all future features will be free, the goal is to provide a free trading journal that is comprehensive enough to satisfy the majority of traders.


    Mobile App

    There is no mobile app, but the web interface can be used on any smartphone or mobile device.



    The user guide for Stonk Journal is limited, but this is expected for a free product, as far as we could see the application is very simple to use.



    Compared to some of the other paid trade journals, Stonk Journal has a high Trustpilot score.