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    The Father of Algorithms
    Why are algorithms called algorithms? We can thank a Persian mathematician, Muhammad al-Khwarizmi, who was born around AD780.
    cBot Strategy Builder (beta)
    Unlock the potential of the formidable cBot Algo Strategy Builder, a dynamic trading tool that empowers traders to craft, validate, and deploy tailor-made algorithmic trading strategies grounded in technical analysis and indicator-driven intelligence.
    How to Trade Using Moving Averages
    Trading in financial markets can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and strategies, it becomes more accessible and profitable.
    What is a cTrader cBot
    If you are new to the cTrader platform and want to get up to speed with 'what is a cTrader cBot', continue reading this article and become a cTrader Pro.
    cTrader Coding Starter Kits
    Our free open-source cTrader cBots provide a starting point for all coders and traders to build upon an existing automated trading strategy.
    Why Backtest cBot Trading Strategies
    We will explain why backtesting a cTrader cBot trading strategy is an important part of testing your automated trading robot before using it with real money.
    Shared Access To Your cTrader Account
    Money managers and other partners have encountered challenges when it comes to remotely accessing individual accounts for the purpose of trading.
    Using Python to Code cTrader cBots
    The cTrader Community team has launched the initial version of a Python library for the cTrader Open API on GitHub for you to download examples.
    Wall Street Analysis for Part-Time Investors
    WallStreetZen's approach combines user-friendly data visualizations with automated stock analysis, enabling you to comprehend a stock's fundamentals in mere minutes.
    How to Avoid cTrader Bitcoin Scams
    Some of the most common cTrader Cryptocurrency or bitcoin scams include Fake Giveaways, Ponzi Schemes, Ransomware, Pump-and-Dump and Social Media Phishing.
    What is a cTrader Automated Trading System
    If you are new to automated or algorithmic trading using cTrader cBots, we will help you with the basics of optimisation, backtesting & trading system timing.
    What are Cryptocurrencies? - Beginners Guide
    Many people still do not understand what a Cryptocurrency is like Bitcoin, this introduction will explain the most important thing about cryptocurrencies and when you have read it, you will know more about it than most other humans.
    CoinCorner - Your Gateway to Bitcoin & Beyond
    CoinCorner is fast becoming UK's number one choice for buying and selling Bitcoin, trusted with over 35,000+ users, you can buy Bitcoin in less than 10 minutes and for as little as £10.
    How I Passed the FTMO Challenge
    This is a true story of a trader who passed Phase 2 of the FTMO challenge within 1-year using the cTrader platform.
    cTrader Frequent Disconnection Fix
    Many traders have reported that the cTrader platform sometimes disconnects, we have found that the issue is usually the trader's Internet Service Provider (ISP).
    Algorithmic Trading - Hard Facts
    Many traders start out with algorithmic trading with the view that they have found the secret of success that will bring them wealth easily, this is very far from the truth.