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    Best VPS for Algo Trading
    It would be best if you were using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for Algorithmic Trading with cBots & EAs, you need fast trade execution and 100% uptime.
    Visualizing and Understanding Market Clusters
    This document outlines the development of an indicator based on Machine Learning (ML) and ML.Net for unsupervised learning.
    What is a cTrader cBot Plugin?
    A cTrader plugin is like a cBot but adds additional features to the trading platform user interface with bespoke trading terminals, analysis tools and calculators.
    NinjaTrader Guardian Angel Protection
    The NinjaTrader Guardian Angel Account Protection is an all-in-one tool to stop overtrading, automatically close trades and inform you via instant Telegram messages.
    Commitment of Traders (COT) Chart Report
    Commitment of Traders (COT) Report charts visually represent the data provided in the COT Report to display the positions of different categories of traders.
    Prop Firm Challenge cBots & Indicators
    Find out which cTrader trading robots, indicators & risk management tools are best to pass a prop firm challenge from automated trading to analytical tools.
    cTrader Web vs Desktop
    Spotware, the creators of the cTrader offer various flavours of the platform to download for both Windows and the macOS. We will help you decide.
    How to Build a cBot with ChatGPT
    Everybody has now heard about ChatGPT by Open.AI and the rapid growth in Artificial Intelligence. Can you create complex cTrader trading strategies (cBots)?
    cTrader Strategy Builder
    Discover the power of the cTrader Algo Strategy Builder, your gateway to a robust trading tool, this innovative cBot enables traders to create cBots with ease.
    The Father of Algorithms
    Why are algorithms called algorithms? We can thank a Persian mathematician, Muhammad al-Khwarizmi, who was born around AD780.
    cBot Strategy Builder (beta)
    Unlock the potential of the formidable cBot Algo Strategy Builder, a dynamic trading tool that empowers traders to craft, validate, and deploy tailor-made algorithmic trading strategies grounded in technical analysis and indicator-driven intelligence.
    How to Trade Using Moving Averages
    Trading in financial markets can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and strategies, it becomes more accessible and profitable.
    What is a cTrader cBot
    If you are new to the cTrader platform and want to get up to speed with 'what is a cTrader cBot', continue reading this article and become a cTrader Pro.
    cTrader Coding Starter Kits
    Our free open-source cTrader cBots provide a starting point for all coders and traders to build upon an existing automated trading strategy.
    Why Backtest cBot Trading Strategies
    We will explain why backtesting a cTrader cBot trading strategy is an important part of testing your automated trading robot before using it with real money.
    Shared Access To Your cTrader Account
    Money managers and other partners have encountered challenges when it comes to remotely accessing individual accounts for the purpose of trading.