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Forex Trading Articles

Best VPS Hosting for cTrader 2019

If you plan to run automated trading systems (cBots/EA's) with either MT4 or cTrader then you want the best hosting company at the lowest cost.

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Best cTrader Brokers 2019

Are you looking for a professional and trustworthy broker for the cTrader trading platform? Check out our review of the top two companies.

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cTrader Review 2019

Could cTrader be the most favourite trading platform of 2019, it has been gaining traction for the last few years and we have seen a huge increase.

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Your A.I Trading Assistant

Technology is moving at such a fast pace that we will be able to have your own A.I trading assistant that will do all the tasks that you find boring or time-consuming.

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Currency Nicknames

Did you ever wonder why professional forex traders say  “…Sterling slipped and took a sudden plunge”? or “…Cable is struggling to regain stability”?

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How Profitable is Forex Trading

 I am sure you want to know how much money can you make from forex trading, right? You’ve heard of traders making millions in the financial markets.

Candlestick Pattern Education & Detection Software

We now include a section on our website where traders can learn how to use candlestick patterns using price action to help identify trend reversals.

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How To Set-up & Test Telegram & SMS Message Accounts

Read this article for help on how to set-up and test your instant telegram bot and SMS text message accounts to receive trade or general alerts.

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How To Use a Grid-Hedge Trading System with cTrader

A classic “hedged grid” is made up of both long and short positions. As the name suggests, there’s a measure of inbuilt hedging.

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How To Trade Using a Risk & Reward Tool

If you are trading Forex without first calculating your risk vs reward then you will be joining the other 95% of traders that fail.