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    Latest Trading Articles

    ClickAlgo Review with the cTrader Broker Varianse
    ClickAlgo had a recent interview with the premier cTrader Varianse regarding automated trading using the cTrader platform.
    How I Passed the FTMO Challenge
    This is a true story of a trader who passed Phase 2 of the FTMO challenge within 1-year using the cTrader platform.
    Convert MT4 Indicators to cTrader
    This article will show you how you can easily convert your MT4 indicators to a cTrader indicator with no code experience.
    Code cTrader Indicator Telegram Alerts
    We offer a free online course to teach traders how to code Telegram alerts into any of the cTrader standard indicators.
    cTrader Update July 2022, v4.3
    cTrader version 4.3 has just been released on beta and will soon be released to brokers, take a look at some of the new features.
    cTrader C# Coding Standards
    Writing robust quality code for algorithmic trading software development is just as important as any other mission-critical system due to the financial risk that is involved.
    cTrader Bitcoin Crypto Trading Robot
    The cTrader smart-grid trading system is the perfect choice to trade Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it benefits from multiple settings for optimisation & calibration.
    Upgrade a cTrader cBot to .NET 6 & C# 10
    This article will help you upgrade your old cBots & indicators that were built using cTrader Desktop 4.1
    How to Debug a cTrader cBot
    Learn how to debug your cTrader algorithmic trading robot using Visual Studio 2022 and Microsoft C#.
    cTrader Desktop 4.2 Latest Features
    This latest version of the cTrader Desktop trading platform is a massive leap in technology to make it one of the best financial trading tools today.
    What is a cTrader Raw Spread Account?
    With a Raw Spread Account with your broker, you will enter the trade at the exact market price with no additional markup on the spread, instead, a small commission is payable per side.
    How to Open a Small cTrader Account
    Many brokers that offer the cTrader platform allow traders to open a live micro-account with a small deposit as low as $1, if this is your budget, read on
    Trading Micro Lots with cTrader
    Position sizing is a very important part of trading, this can make or break a trader if it is not understood, traders are risk managers, first and foremost.
    Best Paid cTrader Trading Tools
    We have compiled the best-paid trading tools for the cTrader platform from our marketplace at
    Best Free cTrader cBots
    We have compiled the best cBots for the cTrader platform from our marketplace at
    What is a cTrader cBot
    The word cBot was created by Spotware for the cTrader platform, it is mainly used to describe an automated trading robot for algorithmic trading.