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    We Provide Software Solutions

    ClickAlgo is a financial technology software company that specialises in building custom solutions for commercial retail brokerage platforms for both individuals & businesses, we also offer educational courses to teach algorithmic programming using Microsoft C#.





    How we started

    We started out as cAlgo4U back in 2015 and rebranded in 2016 to Clickalgo Limited, the reason we selected the cTrader trading platform is to provide software solutions after researching all the other trading platforms due to the modern approach and ease of use including state-of-the-art algorithms.


    Where are we from?

    Our team is distributed across different countries, while our headquarter is located in London, United Kingdom.


    What we provide

    We are the No.1 Software Solution Provider for the cTrader platform, we create unique trading software for our customers as well as provide algorithmic trading education in the form of a coding school. 


    Meet the ClickAlgo Team


    Our education & training

    We also provide online education with trading articles and video tutorials via YouTube, our channel covers how to get started using the cTrader platform, and we also offer algorithmic programming courses.


    Why join our community

    Our products are community-driven, which means that when a customer purchases a product, they can post a suggestion on how to improve it and if the suggestion is accepted we update the product and all customers who purchased it will get the update for free. We also provide a community group for instant support and to talk with other cTrader users for help.


    In the press

    We are now starting to be mentioned in the press as a growing startup.


    Why trust us

    Our objective at ClickAlgo is to provide trust & transparency to our customers.


    Our social media channels

    We offer various social media channels to inform our customers and potential customers of the latest Forex news.