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    Sell Your cTrader cBots & Indicators

    We are skilled at marketing and promoting customers' products to be visible not just on our website, but in the world so that potential customers from all over the globe can be reached. We also post on all the major social media sites so your product gets total exposure. On top of all that we also create and publish your product on our website, so you do not even have to write any marketing material, we will do all of this for you.


    cTrader Vendor Program, Sell cBots


    What Is A Vendor Program?

    Our vendor program allows a person or company to sell their Indicators & trading software through our web store and benefit from our website visitors as well as our marketing campaigns. This will get your product noticed on the web via major search engines.


    What Are The Requirements?

    We only accept products that are of high quality and pass our quality assurance (QA) test, if you send us your product without source code and a description of why it is unique we will be able to tell you if we feel it can be sold, a good product will generate good sales. 


    Why Use Us?

    We are the leading software company for the cTrader trading platform and specialists in web marketing to give your product maximum exposure on the web which will increase your chances of a sale, also, our marketplace is a one-stop solution for the customer to purchase on the spot with confidence due to our high-rated Trustpilot reviews and eCommerce website solution.

    We can provide a licensing system with a 14-day trial and refund option, which increases your sales considerably.

    We also benefit from website search engine marketing, your products will be noticed on Google.


    How Much Will This Cost?

    The cost of selling your product on our website will be 20% of the total sale which is in line with MetaTrader's vendor terms. We pay all international transaction fees from the customer, so you receive 80% of the sale price minus the transaction fee that is charged to transfer the money to your account.



    No Set-Up Fee

    The price for creating and publishing your product page is free, this includes posting on, Twitter and Facebook.

    We will also Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your product page and register it on Google, Bing & Yahoo for maximum exposure.


    Regular Weekly Payments

    Payments are made every week every Friday regardless of the amount via Transferwise or PayPal. 



    To be paid, you need to invoice ClickAlgo Limited on Fridays, we will provide a template for the information if required. Invoices sent to us should show a NET 14 due date which is 14 days after the invoice date, we usually pay on Friday when the invoice is sent to you, but sometimes there may be a few days' delay.


    Payment Terms

    To protect ourselves against customers requesting a refund, we will pay the vendor for sales that were made 14 days or more from the date the invoice was sent to us. This applies to vendors using our remote licensing system with a 14-day refund option. 

    "We Do All The Marketing & Selling for You"


    Product Licensing

    We will provide custom license assemblies with instructions for vendors to integrate our licensing system into their products so that they can offer a 14-day trial and 14-day refund option. Customers will always want to test the products before buying.


    Do We Sign an Agreement?

    When you sign up as a vendor you will automatically agree to our terms of service when you read them and tick a box, this is to protect both parties should there be a dispute at any time. It can also be cancelled by either party with a 7-day notice.


    Ready to Join Us?

    To join the vendor program, you first need to register an account with us.

    Please sign-up by clicking on the button bottom right and completing the form.


    When a Product Is Sold

    As soon as a customer buys a vendor product from our web store they will receive an automated email at the same time the sale was completed.


    How Can You Review Your Sales Statistics?

    Integrated into your portal you can review all the customers who have purchased your products and look at sales data. to access your portal vendors need to login into and reduce the screen's width until they see an administration link at the top of the page, this will display a personal vendor sales dashboard with sales statistics.


    ClickAlgo Vendor Sign-up