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    cTrader News Trading Made Easy

    Trade the news before, during and after major events. DataFlash delivers real-time audio news headlines that directly influence the market, their analysts meticulously track and sift through numerous sources so you can stay informed effortlessly.

    Listen to breaking news and jump in front of the queue to place your trades with DataFlash which continuously tracks data releases and global events, providing real-time audio broadcasts of news relevant to your asset class.


    cTrader Audio News Trading


    It is well known that the markets move due to news events like:

    • Economic Indicators: Reports on GDP growth, inflation, employment figures (such as non-farm payrolls), consumer spending, and manufacturing data can significantly impact market sentiment.
    • Central Bank Announcements: Decisions on interest rates, monetary policy changes, and statements from central bank officials can influence currency values, bond yields, and stock markets.
    • Corporate Earnings: Quarterly earnings reports and forward guidance from publicly traded companies can affect stock prices and investor confidence.
    • Geopolitical Events: Political instability, trade tensions, conflicts, and diplomatic developments can lead to market volatility, especially in currencies, commodities, and stocks of affected regions or industries.
    • Natural Disasters and Climate Events: Severe weather events, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can disrupt supply chains, impact commodity prices, and affect insurance and reinsurance markets.
    • Regulatory Changes: Updates on regulations affecting industries such as finance, healthcare, technology, and energy can influence stock prices and investor perceptions.
    • Market Sentiment and Speculation: Market participants' perceptions, sentiment indicators, and speculative trading activities can also drive short-term market movements, sometimes based on rumours or expectations rather than concrete news.
    • Global Economic Events: Developments in major economies, such as policy decisions by international organizations like the IMF or World Bank, can have widespread effects on global markets.
    • Technological Advances and Disruptions: Innovations, breakthroughs, and disruptions in technology sectors can impact the stock prices of related companies and reshape industry dynamics.


    Why is an Audio News Event Tool Useful?

    There are many benefits of using an audio news event tool for trading the financial markets as described above, being able to multitask and receive important news updates via audio will help you jump the queue and place your trades before other traders who are not so well informed. There are also a few tools on the market that will notify traders using audio when a news event is about to happen as well as the results of the news event.


    DataFlash (Recommended)

    The DataFlash application can be used on a PC, macOS or mobile device like your phone, it is currently the cheapest option for audio news events at only $20 per month. They provide fast data delivery audio news, audible buy and sell signals and audio Twitter (X) headlines.

    They cover all the key economic indicators for the following economic regions: United States, United Kingdom, Eurozone, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

    Trading platforms: cTrader, MT4, TradingView, NinjaTrader and more...


    Best Audio News Trading Tool


    NewsSquawk (Professional Traders)

    Newsquawk is a financial news service that provides real-time audio news broadcasts relevant to financial markets, they monitor various data releases, global events, and market-moving news, delivering updates via audio to traders, investors, and other financial professionals. The service aims to keep its subscribers informed about developments that could impact asset prices and market sentiment, helping them make informed trading decisions.

    As this tool is for professional or career traders, the price starts at £174 per month, the biggest difference over DataFlash is that you will get the news at the same time as institutional traders, so much quicker than the average trader. 

    2 of the 3 biggest banks in the US already use Newsquawk to mitigate the risk of being caught out on market-impacting news.

    Trading platforms: cTrader, MT4, TradingView, NinjaTrader and more...


    cBot News Event Manager

    Traders using the cTrader platform who use automated trading systems to open, close and manage trades automatically will benefit from using our cBot News Manager which will provide an API interface to the news events so you can close trades and pause trading before any high-impact news event that may take out your stops.