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    	cTrader Advanced ADX Indicator

    cTrader Advanced ADX

    This Directional Movement System (ADX) indicator for the cTrader platform provides for an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye. The average directional index (ADX) is used to determine when the price is trending strongly.
    cTrader Advanced Stochastic Oscillator

    cTrader Advanced Stochastic Oscillator

    The cTrader stochastic oscillator is a momentum indicator comparing a distinct closing price of an instrument to a range of its prices over a certain period of time. This version shows the oversold and overbought areas by highlighting the lines when they go above or below predefined levels. Stochastic readings above the upper level show the market being overbought and if the Stochastic line turns green it will show the asset being oversold.
    cTrader Bill Williams Indicator Collection

    cTrader Bill Williams Indicator Collection

    A collection of FIVE Bill Williams trading indicators who is a leading analyst in Market Trends, this package offers all the necessary tools for efficient technical analysis, incorporated in a very user-friendly way into cTrader. Bill M. Williams is an American trader and author of books on trading psychology, technical analysis and chaos theory.
    cTrader Free Divergence Indicators

    cTrader Divergence Indicator Collection

    This is a collection of Free cTrader Divergence indicators which show when the price of an instrument is moving in the opposite direction of a technical indicator. This type of indicator can warn that the current price trend may be failing which can lead to the price changing direction. All of these indicators were converted from MT4 and they are provided as-is with no support.
    cTrader Elliot Wave Oscillator Forex

    cTrader Elliott Wave Oscillator (EWO)

    Trading with Elliot Wave's shows you probable future moves and the cTrader Elliott Wave Oscillator (EWO) allows you to count waves as they are developing so you have an edge in seeing the next move. The EWO is the difference between a 5 and 34-period simple moving average (SMA) indicator which is based on the close of each candlestick. This indicator will send a sound, pop-up message and email alerts to the trader when a new wave occurs.
    cTrader Fisher Vortex Indicator

    cTrader Fisher Vortex (VI)

    The cTrader Vortex Indicator (VI) is made up of two lines that show both positive (VI +) and negative (VI -) trend movement, It was inspired by certain motions found in water and was developed by Etienne Botes and Douglas Siepman.
    cTrader Forex Currency Strength indicator

    cTrader Forex Currency Strength Tools

    This is a collection of Free Forex cTrader Currency Strength & Correlation indicators which will show the currencies that are strong and the ones that are weak at any given time. Using these currency strength tools you will be able to quickly visualise at a glance trading opportunities.
    cTrader Fractal Adaptive Moving Average Indicator

    cTrader Fractal Adaptive Moving Average FRAMA Indicator

    The cTrader Fractal Adaptive Moving Average Technical Indicator (FRAMA) was developed by John Ehlers. This indicator is constructed based on the algorithm of the Exponential Moving Average, in which the smoothing factor is calculated based on the current fractal dimension of the price series. This download includes a PDF document explaining how to use this indicator.
    cTrader Heikin-Ashi Indicator

    cTrader Heikin-Ashi

    This version of the Heikin-Ashi indicator for the cTrader platform automatically hides the standard chart type and allows you to choose the bullish and bearish colours. The Heikin Ashi indicator can show trends that are easier to analyze than normal chart types, traders can use it as a signal to keep positions open while a trend continues and to close the position when the trend reverses.
    cTrader highest-High, Lowest Low Indicators

    cTrader High-Low Indicator Collection

    This is a collection of Five Free Highest High & Lowest Low cTrader indicators which show visually where the previous highs and low prices are located so you know where there will be possible buyers and sellers waiting. All of these indicators were converted from MT4 and they are provided as-is with no support.
    cTrader Hurst Cycle Indicator

    cTrader Hurst Time Cycle

    The cTrader Hurst Cycle indicator is a 50-year old secret that was created by an engineer called JM Hurst in the 1970s, It focuses on time which helps determine price movement in the Financial Markets. The theory of market cycles was the result of many years of research using powerful mainframe computers and today it is known as Hurst’s Cyclic Theory. An analysis conducted using Cyclic Principles is called a phasing analysis because it involves working out what the phase is of each cycle affecting the market. * Includes Free White Paper
    cTrader Larry Williams Trading Indicators

    cTrader Larry Williams Indicator Package

    A collection of Larry Williams trading indicators which is an absolute must-have for those who are interested in a Larry's taught the way of trading! The package offers all the necessary tools for efficient trading, incorporated in a very user-friendly way into cTrader. Larry is the master in futures trading. All his indicators were created based on his over 50-year trading experience. This package can give you both fundamental and technical reference.
    cTrader Moving Average With Colors

    cTrader Moving Average Colors

    This version of the cTrader Moving Average Indicator simply allows you to set the colour of the bullish and bearish line so that you can visually see where the trend is going.
    Free Price Action cTrader Indicator

    cTrader Price Action Trade Indicator

    This cTrader price action trade indicator was created by the Price Action Trader Institute (P.A.T.I), it shows both the current and Asian maximum and minimum trading sessions for the previous day enabling you to manage your trades effectively.
    cTrader Raghee Wave Candle Trading

    cTrader Raghee Wave and GRaB Candles

    The cTrader Raghee Wave and GRaB Candles indicator can be used to catch massive trend move on higher timeframes, this is one of the best indicators available and can be downloaded for free.