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    cTrader Candlestick Indicator Collection

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    This is a collection of 4 very popular candlestick pattern detection indicators for price action trading using cTrader, each one of these indicators will inform you via a popup message, email, telegram bot and an SMS text message when each of the candle patterns forms.
    Type: Collection of cTrader Indicators
    Current version: 1.0.0
    Requires: Windows 10
    Published: 30 December 2018
    Page last updated: 17 October 2021

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    Doji Candlestick Pattern Detection Indicator

    A Doji candlestick will provide very important information on its own or together as part of signals from other candlestick formations. It forms when a security's open and close price are equal. The length of the upper and lower shadows can vary and the resulting candlestick sometimes looks like a cross, inverted cross or a plus sign. The best formation is when the open and close prices are equal, but this is not necessary.


    Engulfing Candlestick Pattern Detection Indicator

    All Forex traders come across the Price Action at some point and this is not a mere chart analysis technique but the entire system for defining the possible future price movement direction. The Engulfing pattern is when the body and shadows of a bar completely engulf the body and shadows of the previous bar.


    Hammer Candlestick Pattern Detection Indicator

    In a nutshell, this hammer candlestick pattern detector indicator will inform the trader via various messaging options after the candle has formed, please note that this indicator is to be used to identify long trades only on price reversals and it will not provide signals for short trades.


    Pin Bar Candlestick Pattern Detection Indicator

    Pin bars are among the top choices for technical traders that follow price action signals with varying trading strategies for entry and exit.


    Learn How To Trade Using Candlestick Patterns

    We do not just provide trader's with an indicator to download we also provide educational material to learn candlestick patterns.


    What Kind of Alerts Are There?

     This indicator has 4 different types of alerts to help the trader which is a simple pop-up message on your desktop to an Email, Telegram Bot and SMS text message. The last two provide instant messages so you get informed within seconds of the candle forming.


     cTrader Pin Bar Instant Alerts



    We provide full support and educational material to help you set-up your email, telegram bot and SMS text message accounts so you can start receiving your alerts as soon as possible. There is also a free tool you can use to test that your settings are correct and to help you if you need it.


    How To Install

    First, make sure you have the cTrader trading platform installed and then simply unzip the file and double-click on it to automatically install onto the platform.


    Instant Chat Support

    If you want a speedy reply to your questions just post your questions on our Telegram chat group.