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    Learn C# for Algorithmic Trading

    We will teach you how to learn one of the world's most popular programming languages, Microsoft C# and build your own automated trading robots.


    Let's Get Started

    Watch this video as many times as it takes until you understand the fundamentals of programming with Microsoft C# and using the .NET framework which is essential before you start to learn Algorithmic Trading.


    C# tutorial for beginners: Get up & running with C# and code in just 1 hour! No prior knowledge is needed.



    Ready for the Main Course?

    This 4-hour course provides more in-depth knowledge of programming Microsoft C#, it is recommended to catch this after the 1-hour course above.



    Microsofts Official Documentation

    C# docs - get started, tutorials, reference. | Microsoft Learn.


    Any Programming Questions?

    If you have any questions about using the C# programming language then feel free to post your question on our support forum, first, take a look to see f someone else has already asked the same question.


    Download Visual Studio Community

    Before you start you will need to download the free code editor from Microsoft, it's free and one of the best coding tools on the market used by both professional and amateur programmers.


    How to Debug cBot & Indicator C# Code

    We have a few tutorials to help you debug your code to find errors and bugs, this skill is a must to make sure your algorithms are working correctly.


    Ready for Learning Algo Trading?

    By now you should have learned the basics of programming using Microsoft C#, your next step is to now learn the cTrader programming interface (API) so you can start designing and building your automated trading systems (ATS).

    The following link will help you get started, but the content was written a few years back and is a little outdated, we are in the progress of publishing a new course to help traders learn how to code their own automated robots soon.