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    Who Is ClickAlgo?

    We provide solutions for the cTrader trading platform


    We are a Transparent Financial Technology Community-Driven Limited Company based in the UK providing software solutions for the cTrader platform.


    ClickAlgo Paul

    Paul Hayes

    Sales & Marketing - Business Owner

    Paul has been working in the software industry both employed and as a contractor for over 15 years for major companies using a variety of technical languages, together with a background in sales and hands-on full-time trading allowed ClickAlgo to be born. 

    Fintech Consultant - ClickAlgo

    Patrick Leonard

    Fintech Consultant - Algorithmic Trading Specialist

    Patrick is currently on a career break and we are lucky to have him on board as a consultant to help steer our ship in the right direction. He has extensive knowledge about both technology and financial services while working for major corporations in Hong Kong.

    ClickAlgo Grant

    Grant Willavise

    Senior Technical Advisor - Principal Consultant at GW Consultancy

    Over 20 years of technical development experience, 10 of which as an independent IT consultant primarily focused on the development and support of desktop, web and mobile applications. Grant focuses on building our professional trading tools.

    ClickAlgo Donald

    Donald Davis

    Senior Software Developer

    Donald has many years of experience in both trading and programming, he is one of our key software engineers who help our customers create their automated trading systems (cBots) and custom indicators. He has been using the cTrader platform for many years and is considered an expert.

     Mike Engineer ClickAlgo

    Mike Jones 

    Product Support Engineer

    Mike's role is as a product support engineer who answers most of the technical questions on the cTrader Support Forum, Mike has extensive knowledge using both Microsoft C# and the cTrader trading platform.

     ClickAlgo Wolfgang System Administrator

    Wolfgang Ryser

    System Administrator - Network Security

    Wolfgang is an experienced system administrator and his role with ClickAlgo is to help us manage our server and database farms. Wolfgang is based in Basel, Switzerland and he provides remote support to all our infrastructure that is hosted on the cloud and helps us with internet security.

     ClickAlgo Sophia

    Sophia Williams

    Customer Care

    Sophia handles customers general queries and complaints about all of our trading products, she will be your point of contact should you need help with any of the trading tools that we offer. She also has a good technical understanding of automated trading systems and will be able to respond to your queries quickly.


    Our Partners

    We have partnered with the core industry to provide our services to traders that use the cTrader trading platform.


    Our Testimonials

    Read our real-online customer reviews based on our products, services and customer support.


    Our Transparency

    We are a transparent company which means we build trust for our customers through openness and information that is available on the internet.


    How To Stay Up To Date

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    ca best team