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    cTrader Help Tutorials

    Our cTrader Tutorial will help traders learn how to use the full potential of the trading platform & create their own automated trading systems using hands-on video tutorials as well as take part in our community chat group. We have found all the best resources currently available on the internet and placed the links on this page so that you can easily find what you are looking for.


     cTrader Tutorials & Help


    Learn How To Use cTrader

    If you are new to the cTrader trading platform then this is the place to start our online user guide and hands-on video tutorials will teach you step-by-step.


    cTrader Community Chat Group

    The online community chat groups for cTrader are growing rapidly, these communities of traders all help each other and questions are usually answered within seconds, this is the most efficient method of the whole cTrader community helping each other as well as experts from ClickAlgo and Spotware providing 5-star service.


    cTrader Community Information Forum

    We also run a community forum to help all traders with trading, using cTrader, algorithmic trading, programming and much more.


    Our Algorithmic Trading School

    Our school for algorithmic trading will help traders create their first automated trading system and set them on a path to learn basic programming concepts using Microsoft C#


    Application Programming Interface (API)

    As part of your learning about creating automated trading systems, you will be using the cTrader API to execute and manage trades, the following resources will help you.

     cTrader C# programming


    Learn Microsoft C# Programming

    If you need is to learn to program using Microsoft C#, then we recommend that you first learn the basics of programming.

    Once you have a basic understanding your next step is to learn the cTrader Interface Libraries or (API) so that you can start building your automated robots, to do this just visit the link above for the algorithmic trading school.


    Install Microsoft Visual Studio

    There are many resources on the internet to help programmers learn how to debug their code. If you are not using Visual Studio to write your code then we advise that you download it and start using it today, it is free and very powerful. All you need to do is download the Community version which is free. If you are using a Mac operating system then this is also available.


    Debugging C# Code

    If you are not using Visual Studio to debug your code then it would be like working on your car engine without a user manual, it will save you many hours of frustration, to get started we have provided both an online tutorial that you can read and a very good YouTube video tutorial.


    cTrader Desktop 4.2 & Above Debugging

    If you are using cTrader Desktop version 4.2 & Visual Studio 2022 and above, debugging has changed, please follow the instructions below for help.


    Programming Questions

    If you are stuck with some code and need help and if the problem is related to the C# programming language and not cTraders  API integration then your first step is to post on the Stackoverflow website forum, this was built to help both new and experienced programmers with coding problems.


    If on the other hand, if your problem relates to calls to the cTrader API library then you can post on the Official Spotware Forum and their support staff will help you.


    Our cTrader YouTube Channel

    Over the years we have created many useful videos which not only demonstrate our products, but they also contain useful information to help all traders.


    Our Coding Service

    We offer professional programming services to help traders build their automated trading systems and custom indicators, we have now achieved nearly 1000 completed projects for satisfied customers.