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    In the digital realm, the internet serves as a conduit for the storage and transmission of potentially infringing actions conducted by individuals, with the involvement of third-party networks. Providers of website hosting services, Internet service providers, and search engines, among others, act as intermediaries by transmitting content generated by individuals. The provisions outlined in Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) shield online service providers (OSPs) from legal responsibility about information posted or transmitted by subscribers, provided that they expeditiously remove or disable access to materials that are specifically identified in a copyright holder's complaint.

    To qualify for safe harbour protection, a service provider who hosts content must:

    • Have no knowledge of, or financial benefit from, infringing activity on its network.
    • Have a copyright policy and provide proper notification of that policy to its subscribers.
    • List an agent to deal with copyright complaints.

    While the statutory provisions for safe harbour offer recourse for individuals to contest the removal of their materials, it is important to note that service providers are not obligated to provide prior notification to such individuals before removing their allegedly infringing content. If material on your website does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a copyright owner and has been erroneously removed from the Internet, you have the right to submit a counter-notice to the service provider. The service provider is then required to transmit the counter-notice to the complainant. If the copyright owner does not notify the service provider within 14 business days that it has filed a lawsuit against you, your materials may be reinstated and made accessible on the Internet once again.

    When you publish your digital product in the open-source cBot format on the Internet, we assume that you do not mind us copying, modifying and publishing it for free on our website. In case you want us to delete the digital product, we will do it without any problems. It is enough just to send a request using the form below, as well as provide proof that you are the original author of the product.




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