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    cTrader Algorithmic Trading School

    Everybody starts as a beginner, you need to understand the basics before you can move forward, time and effort will reward you with the skills you require. Do you have many ideas that you want to automate with an Algorithmic Strategy or pull data from the internet, but you do not have the funds to pay developers? We offer Free training videos to help you learn Microsoft C# using Visual Studio for the cTrader trading platform. 


    Henri Simoes - Trading Legend


    cTrader cBot Coding School

    "Learn How to Create Your Own Trading Algorithms Using Microsoft.NET C# & cTrader"


    At BlackRock, Machines Are Rising Over Managers to Pick Stocks

    Laurence D. Fink, the chief of BlackRock, has become convinced that the company must bet big on the power of machines., be it Aladdin, the firm’s risk management platform; robot-advisers; big data; or even artificial intelligence.  Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times | March 28th, 2017


    Learn The Basics of C#

    If you are new to Microsoft C#, then this will help you get started.


    cTrader API Guide

    If you have not yet seen the cTrader API guide, take a look at our Trading API for cBots.


    cTrader Algorithmic Trading Platform Introduction

    An overview of the cTrader algorithmic trading platform opens YouTube and plays the video tutorial.


    Introduction to Using Microsoft Visual Studio with cTrader

    An introduction on how to integrate and use Microsoft Visual studio with cTrader for your programming.


    Coding Standards & Design Considerations

    We show you how to write clean and well-structured code when you build your automated trading systems.


    How to Build a cTrader Risk Management Robot

    Now you can learn how to build your own automated risk management robots using Microsoft Visual Studio and C#.


    Debugging Your Automated Strategy (cBot) With Visual Studio

    Do you want to learn how to identify and fix bugs in your code in an easy way? We will show you how to create automated trading systems the smart way using Microsoft Visual Studio.


    How to Write a Simple Moving Average Strategy with Visual Studio

    We will show you how to write a simple moving average trading system using cTrader and Microsoft Visual Studio.


    How To Code a Trailing Stop for a cTrader cBot

    We will show you how to code your own trailing stop into your automated trading robots (cBots) for the cTrader trading platform.


    How To Code A Break-even Stop Loss With cTrader

    We will show you how to easily code a Breakeven stop loss to your existing automated strategy.


    Download a Classic Moving Average Crossover Strategy

    We have created an automated trading and signal system that uses two moving averages, this is a proven strategy used by many traders.


    Why Drawdown Is Important for Forex Traders

    This video will help forex traders understand what drawdown means when trading forex on the markets.


    How To Load and Save cTrader cBot Parameters

    Find out how to load and save your cBot (robot) parameters when you are using cTrader or the cAlgo trading platform.


    How To Backtest Your Automated Trading Strategies

    This article will help you understand how to backtest your automated trading strategies.


    How To Optimise Your cBots

    This article will help you understand how to optimise your automated trading robot or cBot to get the best possible parameters.


    Our Optimisation Guidelines

    We have written a comprehensive guide explaining what optimisation of your automated trading system means and the advantages vs disadvantages.


    How To Import Backtest Data into cTrader

    This article demonstrates how to import independent market data using a CSV file into cTrader for backtesting.


    How to License Your cBots & Indicators

    We will show you how to protect your hard work in developing your cTrader cBots & indicators by adding a software piracy licensing system.


    How to Protect Your cBot Source Code

    If you have just spent many days or even months creating a product that you wish to sell or even share then you may not want the average coder from stealing your hard work by using reverse engineering techniques.


    How to Code Telegram Alerts

    If you wish to code your own Telegram alerts into your automated trading system then the following article and video should help you.


    Advanced Code Examples

    We are putting together some advanced examples of coding using cTrader to help you.


    Creating & Adding Assembly References

    This video will help you understand how to create and reference assemblies for your cTrader cBots.


    cTrader Manual Trading Tutorials

    Do you need some additional help with learning how to use the cTrader trading platform?


    cTrader Automated Trading Tutorials

    Do you need some additional help with learning how to use the cTrader trading platform?


    Need Help Coding?

    As extra help, we offer free basic coding help for your personal projects.


    Download Free Forex & Day Trading eBooks

    Follow the link above to browse some excellent eBooks that will help your trading.


     What are The Golden Rules For Every Trader?


    Our Programming Services

    We offer a Professional Programming Service for the cTrader trading platform for custom indicators and robots.


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