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    Free cTrader Algorithmic Trading School

    It is well known that the global market for algorithmic trading is going to increase at a compounded rate of 10% by the year 2020 according to market research and there is no better time to start learning the fundamentals of this industry. The reason for such a growth is due to the multitude of benefits of predictive processes of automated trading systems.


    "An algorithmic system will automate processes previously needed to be followed by manual input of humans"

     Algorithmic Trading Courses

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     In 2015, hedge funds have nearly doubled their use of automated trading in the Forex Market and 61% of their trades are now being made this way *

     * Bloomberg 2018


    ClickAlgo's Algorithmic Trading School

    Here at ClickAlgo, we try our best to help traders learn how to create their automated trading systems using the cTrader trading platform, our online study material is free and includes video tutorials. This course covers how to build your first automated trading system using cTrader and Microsoft C# as well as risk management and other subjects.


    cTrader Programming & Coding Service

    We also offer a custom development service to help you build your automated trading systems, you will receive fully documented source code so you can then start learning how it works.