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    IC Markets Free Trading Robots

    If you are thinking about signing up with a broker to use the cTrader platform then you may be interested in one of our automated trading robots worth up to £149.99 from our marketplace, these are some of the most popular products purchased by our customers.


    IC Markets Free Trading Robots


    Which Trading Robots Can I Use?

    You can pick one of the selected trading robots below, they include most of our flag-ship trading systems.

    We recommend that you download a trial copy first and make sure you understand the system.


    Can I Test-Drive the Products?

    Yes, you can download IC Markets, sign-up for a demo account and download a 14-day trial of all of the selected products, this allows you to test-drive them before you open a live account.


    Which Broker Do I Use?

    We have partnered with the best broker available which is IC Markets, you can review the broker yourself, as of today they are the No.1 choice for traders using cTrader. As of today July 2022, they have over 23,000 Trustpilot reviews with a rating of 4.9 which is excellent.


    How Can I Claim Offer?

    To claim the offer all you need to do is sign-up with a live account with IC Markets, this offer is not open to customers who already have a live account with IC Markets.

    1. Click on the Sign-Up button below and open a live account with IC Markets.
    2. Send an email to once you have registered an IC Markets live account.
    3. We will confirm your account with IC Markets that you are one of our Introducing Broker customers.
    4. As soon as you deposit at least $200 and when you have closed your first trade, contact Sophia again with your IC Markets account number.
    5. Make sure you have registered an account with ClickAlgo under the same name as the IC Markets account and tell us which product you would like added to your account for free.


    Make sure you have read our broker deal terms & conditions.


    Sign Up


    Sign-Up With QR Code

    You can also scan the QR code below to signup with an account.


    IC Markets QR Code Sign up


    Conditions of the offer

    * This offer only applies to new customers of IC Markets who sign-up with a live account using the button above.

    * You must be a registered customer of ClickAlgo.

    * You must follow the steps described above in "How Can I Claim Offer" to qualify.

    * You can use any one of the trading robots chosen by you on a live account with IC Markets.

    * You cannot use the trading robot you have chosen on a demo account with IC Markets or any other broker.

    * The products will work under our licensing system on 2 machines at any time.


    Read our full terms & conditions for this offer.