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    Buying cBot Source Code

    We sell the full source code for a cTrader automated trading system (cBot) or one of our custom indicators, this allows you to add new features and tailor the system to suit your trading strategy. If you are reading this page then you may already be interested in purchasing one of the trading systems or custom indicators that we offer on our website.



    You don't need the source code if:

    • You plan to use the trading robot without the source code.
    • You plan to use the indicator without the source code.
    • You do not need any changes to the source code.
    • You want to be covered by a 14-day refund policy.


    Paid Products

    If you do not need the full source code you can purchase the product for up to 2-3 times cheaper, this will be sold under license with restrictions to run on only 2 machines at any time. Please return to the product page if this suits your budget and needs.


    Free Products

    You may need the source code to use the indicator with your automated trading systems (cBots) or you may wish to modify and make changes to the indicator to add signals, send additional alerts, change the way it looks or alter the formula.


    You only need the source code if:

    • You want to make add features or modify the cBot or indicator.
    • You are a software developer or you plan to use a developer to help you make changes.
    • You want to own the full source code.
    • You want to install the cBot or indicator on multiple machines.
    • You need the source code for the indicator so that you can use it with your trading robot (cBot).
    • You understand a refund is not available and you have downloaded a 14-day trial.

    * The product is sold without the licensing feature.