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    Convert an MT4 EA to a cTrader cBot

    If you are thinking about migrating away from MT4 - MT5 and would like to start using the cTrader trading platform, then this page will help you move across as easily as possible. More and more traders are now migrating to use the cTrader platform for its clean user interface, excellent features and the use of Microsoft C# programming language to build automated strategies, and indicators and extend the functionality of the platform with AddOns.


    MT4 To cTrader Migration


    MT4 vs cTrader for Algorithmic Development?

    The main difference is that MT4 and MT5 use their own in-house programming language which can be used only with their own platform which is called MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) which first appeared in 2005, so it is a pretty old technology now. It is also worth pointing out that MQL4 and MQL5 were written specifically for work on the MT4 and MT5 trading platform and is not a well know programming language like Microsoft C#.

    • Expert Advisor (EA) - this is the name given to an automated strategy by Metaquotes Software Corp.
    • cBot - this is the name given to an automated strategy by Spotware Systems.


    Converting Your Expert Advisors (EA)

    To be able to accurately produce a system with the same features and operation as your MT4 Expert Advisor then we would need a written project specification, this document is very important and the sooner the trader learns of its importance the more chance they will have of an automated trading system that follows their vision.


    Converting Your Indicators

    It is possible to convert up to 80% of existing MT4 indicators across to cTrader using a free online tool. This tool will only convert Mql files and not ex4 files that have the source code hidden, if you follow the link below it will also help you find great free MT4 indicators ready to be converted.


    We Can Help You Convert Your EA's

    If the online tool will not convert your code then we offer friendly professional programming services to help you convert your existing Expert Advisors into a cTrader cBot.


    How to Contact Us

    You can contact us to discuss your Migration