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    What is cTrader Copy?

    The cTrader copy service is a much-improved platform that allows traders to copy the successful strategies of other traders and one of the key benefits is that anybody can become a strategy provider and make money by sharing their trade signals. The copy service includes some very good risk management tools for commitment-free investing.


    Strategy Providers

    The strategy provider can be anybody who wishes to share their trading system and its performance by providing signals for other traders to follow, strategy providers can set the amount of commission they wish to charge to copy their trades and this is how they are remunerated for their hard work.



    These are traders who wish to follow the trades of the strategy providers and hope to also gain winning trades, in return, they pay the strategy provider a small fee for the signals. Investors have the option to review each strategy providers historical performance and choose which one they feel is better, there is no time limit or contract and the investor can stop copying at any time.


    Is it a Scam?

    This type of trade copying is not a scam and can help investors create wealth quickly, but it does have risks for new traders who do not know what information to research before they start copying, follow the tips below so you do not get burned and lose your money.


    How to Choose a Strategy Provider

    If you are an investor and wish to start using the cTrader copying service then you need to make sure that the provider you are going to follow ticks the following boxes.

    1. They have been providing signals for more than 6-months (look at strategy creation date).
    2. In the past 6-months, there has been an increase in profits.
    3. Make sure you are happy with the performance fee the provider charges to copy trades.
    4. Do not risk more than you are willing to lose.
    5. Talk on various Telegram chat groups about the strategy provider.


    Telegram Chat Groups 

    If you would like to become an investor and start following and copying a Strategy Provider, start by doing some research to find out all the pitfalls first so that you do not lose your money, the following groups are very good.


    cTrader Strategy Provider

    Look for strategy creation date, all-time ROI and steady growth with few drops on the equity graph.


    How to Get Started

    If you would like to be an investor or strategy provider then follow the link below.


    Looking for Automated Trading Systems?

    If you are looking for some automated trading robots then we offer some excellent systems built with community feedback.


    Please Comment Below

    If you have anything to add that will help both Strategy Providers and Investors, please add your comments below.

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