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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions that customers ask when they inquire about using our custom development programming service are shown as questions and answers.


What is the process to create my project?

Once we have your project description document we should be able to provide you with a fixed quote and an estimated delivery date and sometimes we will ask additional questions if our understanding is not 100% clear. Once we have the full details we will invoice the customer using a Stripe invoice and once this is paid the developer starts working on the project.


How do I write a project description?

It is very important that you can give us a functional specification document, it not only helps us create exactly the system that you want, but it will also reduce the fixed project quote that we calculate for you,  a well-written description will also allow us to deliver your project faster. 

We do not accept email or verbal requirements.


How quickly can you reply to my questions?

All our staff are full-time, this means that your questions are usually answered very quickly and usually within 1-hour and if you talk to our support on the Telegram chat group you will get an answer very quickly. If you have any questions for your developer then you can contact them directly also and they will reply very quickly.


How quickly can you code my project?

We usually deliver to the customer a cBot or indicator between 2-5 working days for small projects and longer for larger projects, in the world of software engineering a developer should never rush or quickly deliver a project to the customer. If a project was done quickly and rushed it could be poorly written which will make it harder for other developers to work on at a later date, it could also have many hidden bugs through lack of testing that may affect your trading robot or indicators performance.


Can you convert MT4 indicators?

Yes, we can usually convert indicators using only the source code 80% of the time.


Can you convert MT4 Expert Advisors?

No, we cannot convert your EA's using only the source code to cTrader, this is because it would be like translating from Chinese to English and never captures the true strategy, instead we need a detailed project description with your trade rules and risk management.


What information is included in the invoice?

The Stripe invoice that we send to you via email will have a description of the work that we plan to do for you as well as the free bug fix statement and our testing plans, attached to the invoice will be your project description and our terms of service and additional notes with information about the estimated delivery dates.


How can I pay?

We send you a Stripe invoice so you can pay using any major credit or debit card, we can also offer staged payments and project deliveries for larger projects for added protection for both you and us.


Can I pay using PayPal?

Yes, it is possible to pay using PayPal, but due to their high fees, we will need to add an additional 2% to the total cost of the invoice.


Can I pay in Instalments?

Payment can be made in instalments if the project quote is above £500.00 and can be agreed upon by both parties on the amount.


If there is a dispute, how can I claim a refund?

In the event there is a dispute with the delivered product, customers may be eligible to claim a refund only if we did not deliver as per your project design document that you sent to us, it is recommended that customers read our refund policy before they begin using our services.


How can I reduce development costs?

The more information that you can provide to the developers about your system the lower the quote will be, one method to do this is to provide Trade Setup Test Cases in addition to your project description.


Can I have a custom user interface?

If you need a custom graphical user interface (GUI) then we can help you with this, but the cost would be much higher than normal cBot or indicator development due to the fact we need to use a more experienced application development programmer.


How can I trust you?

It is understandable that you may have concerns about paying us upfront for the work, we have over 1000+ happy customers who used our service and our real online reviews will reassure you that we are a professional and serious company.


Will I receive the project source code?

Yes, you as the customer will receive your project file with complete source code so you can take it to another development company for additional changes if you wish.


Who owns the intellectual copyright of the project?

You will 100% own the IP copyright to the project idea and all source code.


What is the project warranty period?

We offer a 28-day warranty period from the final delivery of the product to fix any bugs that may be found free of charge, you will need to make sure that you have tested your system fully so that you are happy that it functions as specified in your project description. If you report bugs outside the warranty period there may be an additional fee to pay for us to investigate the issue, but we have found that this is very rare and most projects are signed-off and completed within a few weeks after delivery. Some larger projects will have extended warranty periods and are declared on the invoice.


How can I check that what is delivered works?

When you receive your project files from us, you will need to check that it will work the same as what you described in your project description, to do this you will need to run back and forward tests by starting the cBot and watch the trade entry and exit point with this information you can cross-reference with your trade rules. If the project is an indicator you can visually see if it is working correctly by attaching it to a chart.


Your Initial Beta Version

The first version of the cBot or indicator that is sent to you will be the beta version, this version may contain some unknown bugs that the developer did not find while testing.


What if I find bugs while testing?

You will no doubt find bugs, this is normal with software development and part of the project lifecycle, do not worry if you find them, just test your system and make a note of all the problems you find and when you are happy that you have found all of them just send an email to your developer with a list of all of them and with steps on how to reproduce them.


How can I tell you about any bugs that I may find?

The best method to send us information about a bug you have found is to provide full details on how we can also reproduce the bug, take a look at the link below for help.


What if I want additional features added?

If you request additional features during or after development then we may ask for an additional charge to cover the extra time it will take, we can waiver any extra fee if the changes are very small. All feature requests that are chargeable will require a new project description which is usually in the form of an email and will follow the same process as new work regarding quoting and invoicing.


What if I want a Non-Disclosure agreement?

Some customers may request for us to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect their confidential information.


Will you provide instructions on how to use my system?

Your developer will usually provide a brief set of instructions on how to use your system and if there is anything you do not understand, they will help you.


How long will you store my project files including source code on your servers?

We will keep project files (source code) on our servers for a period of 3-months after final delivery, after this period we will delete all files. We strongly recommend that you back up and keep safe all your project code for future development work. 


How long does it normally take to build the project?

The average time to create a project for a customer in the last 12-months was 5 working days. 


How much will the project cost?

The average cost for an automated trading robot (cBot) over the last 12-months was £175.00 


How can I optimise the parameters of my cBot?

After we have delivered your trading robot you may wish to optimize your settings, you can do this easily using cTrader Automate. you can follow the link below which will help you understand how to do this, the example is for one of our Neptune trading robots, but the same principle can be applied to all systems. 


Will you convert an existing EA or indicator from another platform to cTrader?

Yes, we are happy to assist traders who come from another platform, but we will require a project description. it is not possible to build a system if you just send us a link to a web page or send us source code, we need a detailed project description, this will allow us to create a working system from your idea. 


Are your developers all outsourced or in-house?

All of our software developers are in-house and work exclusively for ClickAlgo, they are all experienced cTrader professionals and we make sure that they follow the high standards that are in place for quality and customer satisfaction.


How to protect your source code

If you plan to sell your final product then you will need to protect the code from code thieves as well as possibly license it. Please note we do not offer this as part of our development service.


How to license your cBots or Indicators

If you plan to license your projects in the event that you plan to sell them to the public then we can help you with this, the costs involved will vary depending on the type of system you will use.


Custom requests for MarketPlace products

We do not offer any personal customization development for both free and paid products that are downloadable from our MarketPlace, but we are open to suggestions to improve them by posting your idea's in our suggestions box for a future update.


Do you have some questions that are not listed?

If you have a question that is not shown above then please contact us and we will be happy to answer it for you.


Are you ready to create your project?

If you are ready to start using our development service, you just need to send your project description and contact us