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    Writing Your Functional Specification Document

    Most people do not like documentation, it is boring and time-consuming, but if you are a trader, and you want to have an automated system built that involves financial risk, then you cannot take any shortcuts and skip the documentation phase, this document is your baby.



    Benjamin Franklin



    A clear project specification will help to keep the costs down for you, as it’s able to shorten the developing time. It also ensures you get the project you have in mind right away without several revisions. If the specifications are not very clearly defined or the programming request is complex then it will not be possible to provide you with our fixed flat fee and accurate turnaround time. 


    Why Is It Important

    1. It is to a developer what a blueprint is to an architect building a sports car.
    2. It helps you analyse your system.
    3. It will identify problems with your system before you part with any cash for development costs.
    4. It will show you areas to improve your system.
    5. You can provide the project description to any developer for ongoing work and maintenance.
    6. With a detailed project description from you, we will spend less time clarifying your requirements and quote you a lower rate.


    Small Sized Projects

    If your project is small-sized then you can please still download the project template below and copy/paste your requirements into the document.

    We do not accept email requirements.


    download cbot template

    Download Your Project Template

    Please download the project description template below, it will open as a PDF in your browser, simply click on the download link on your PC and open using Microsoft Word to edit, if you do not have a word editor then feel free to use your software to create a project description.

    Just click on the link below, download the file, unzip it and start editing the document.


    Is Microsoft Word Not Installed?

    If you do not have Microsoft Word installed or any other Word editing software then please use an alternative product.


    Required Information for cBots

    Please write your requirements as a non-technical document with no code examples, it must be a pure functional document, our developers will write the code to industry standards as they see fit.

    • A full list of all the parameters you would like to adjust yourself
    • A list of all the indicators you plan to use, if you want a custom indicator developed, please use a
      separate document.
    • All the signals that cause a long position to open
    • All the signals that cause a long position to close
    • All the signals that cause a short position to open
    • All the signals that cause a short position to close
    • Any trade rules like trading hours etc.
    • It would also be useful to add screenshots of trade entries, exits and anything else that may help us
      understand how it operates.


    Test-Case Examples

    We require test-case examples for all projects of any size, this involves showing trade entries and exits on a cTrader chart.

    Please use cTrader charts for your test cases.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Read the questions & answers that we have found most traders ask us from the link below.


    General Questions? Just Get In Touch

    You can contact us to discuss your project.