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    What is the cTrader Trade Copying Service

    The new cTrader Copy application has replaced the cMirror application and uses more advanced technology for copying your trades using equity to equity copying model and diverse fee structures provide traders with transparency and flexibility.


    Key Features

    • Equity to Equity Model: The volume that will be copied is defined according to the Strategy Provider’s and Investor’s Equity, taking into account any allocated amount changes due to the deposits and withdrawals of both parties.
    • Separate Copy Trading Accounts: Every followed strategy is placed automatically in Separate Copy Trading Accounts, giving Investors a clear view of each strategy performance and making it easy for analysis and risk management.
    • Extended Control of Funds:
    • Equity Stop Loss can be applied per strategy
      • Investors can increase or decrease funds allocated to a particular strategy
      • Fees are also calculated for each copying account independently.
      • Flexible Payment Fees: Volume Based Commissions, Performance fees and Management fees can be combined or selected individually.
    • Minimum Investment Amount allows Strategy Providers to have a meaningful return from the funds invested in their strategies.
    • Advanced Analytics: Rich insights on performance and behaviour of each strategy; the charts, that can be adjusted to specific time periods, display Time Weighted ROI, Balance vs. Equity, Breakdown of Traded Symbols and History of Followers.
    • Favourite Strategies: Investors can bookmark strategies to watch, monitor and come back to them later.
    • Embeddable Strategy Profiles: Strategy Providers can promote their strategies by sharing their strategy profile with an embeddable code to external resources.
    • Inviting Investors: Strategies can now be shared with the Investors in two ways - among all traders without any restrictions, or traders with invitation links only.


    Advanced Analytics

    Charts visually display Time Weighted RoI, Balance vs. Equity, Breakdown of Traded Symbols and History of Followers, charts can be adjusted to specific time periods. Strategy profiles include detailed tables of statistics to provide information and rich insights on performance and behaviour.

    ctrader advanced analytics