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    cTrader Forex Market Symbol Widget

    The Forex Symbol Market Overview widget is a tool that can be used by traders to quickly determine the current trend of a financial instrument by looking at combined data in a nice and clean graphical interface. This widget is powered by TradingView and can be used as by any trading platform, but we have built a specific tool for the cTrader trading platform to allow the trader to configure the suit their trading needs.


    Forex Symbol Overview Tool


    Even though the title of this blog states that it is for Forex, it can actually be used for any instrument and there are many to choose from, the symbols are obtained from TradingView and the link below will explain in more detail, it is worth also watching the video explainer, even if you do not use the cTrader trading platform as it will show you the web-based version of this tool which you can use it on your websites, blogs or for general trading.


    * All our widgets powered by TradingView are free to use.