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    cTrader Harmonic Pattern Recognition Software - Beta

    The cTrader Harmonic Pattern Recognition Software is a powerful technical analysis pattern recognition software for retail traders. These patterns represent price structures that contain combinations of distinct and consecutive Fibonacci retracements and projections. This scanner will identify 6 of the most popular harmonic patterns.


    cTrader Harmonic Scanning Software

    What is the Beta Version?

    This is a new product that is fresh off the production line and needs some user testing and feedback so that we can deliver the final product free from bugs and with the features that will make a big difference to your trading. The beta version may have some bugs and may need a few minor changes, your feedback will help us provide you with a useful tool. 


    Requires cTrader Version 3.6

    The Harmonic Scanning Software uses the latest features of cTrader v3.6 and if this version has not yet been released you can download it now by following the link below.


    What Does This Indicator Do?

    This cTrader indicator will draw the harmonic pattern on the chart as it is formed showing the trader a possible price reversal with a higher than normal probability of success, we have also added the following alerts so you never miss a trade opportunity even when you are not in front of your charts.

    1. Pop-up window alert
    2. Email alert
    3. Instant Telegram message alert
    4. Instant SMS text message alert 


    cTrader Harmonic Scanner Alerts


    Chart Types & Timeframes

    This indicator will work with all chart types and timeframes.

    • Bar Chart
    • Candlestick Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Dots Chart
    • Renko Chart
    • Standard Periods
    • Tick Periods
    • Renko Periods
    • Range Periods


    Harmonic Butterfly Pattern Trade Signal

    The pattern below was formed with an accuracy rating of 98.6% which according to the scanning software is sufficient to trade, you can see that the price reversed and has a long bullish run.


    cTrader US30 Renko Bullish Butterfly Pattern

    Harmonic Scanner Control Panel

    This is a very powerful window to have open, it holds all the symbol patterns that have been formed and will allow you to quickly navigate to the relevant chart in seconds by clicking on the symbol name.


    cTrader Harmonic Pattern Control Center



    Video Demonstration

    The video has been uploaded to 1080p High Quality, so do not forget to set your U-Tube video quality to 1080p HD. 

    Duration: 21-minutes



    Would You Like to Try This Product?

    The initial release is not until 30th September 2019, but you can download the 14-day trial version today.

    Download the Harmonic Pattern Indicator